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06-15 RoadsterSport II Stainless Steel Muffler

Price: From $359.00 to $379.00
Manufacturer: Good-Win-Racing

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Built in solid 304 stainless steel and completely polished to a mirror finish, RoadsterSport Miata exhausts are the only choices that incorporate baffle inserts that give YOU control over the final sound level.

YES, this Miata exhaust is a simple bolt on and includes everything you need (gasket too). Already a legend, our RoadsterSport II Duals Mazda MX-5 Miata exhaust is always in stock. This Miata exhaust delivers the zoom-zoom that the factory exhaust does not. Very mild at cruise, this Miata exhaust has a nice deep purr when you step on it. The factory exhaust on the 2006-2015 MX-5 Mazda Miata is one of the few places that Mazda wasted a good amount of weight. The thick mild steel stock Miata muffler canister on the 2006-2015 Miata saves Mazda a lot of money but it alone is over 26 pounds!

This all stainless steel Miata exhaust uses the factory spacing, factory cutouts, and factory layout...but saves 7 pounds of weight and adds more of a classic sports car sound. Adds about 8 horsepower.

Finished in three inch tips which INCLUDE our exclusive baffle cone inserts which are REMOVEABLE and allow you to set the sound to sporty...or extra sporty. Also available are optional packed baffles (see separate product description) with which you can quiet it down even more for longer trips. With the baffle out the sound on this version II is about 25% more than stock. With the baffle in the sound is closer to 20% over stock. Baffles are retained by small hex bolts inserted from well under each tip.

Installation of this Miata exhaust is SUPER EASY...just two bolts! You don't even need to jack up the car, this installation can be done in your driveway! This Miata exhaust is guaranteed for as long as you own your Miata. Proudly made in the USA with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Fits all 2009 and newer with manual transmission MX5 Miata, automatic transmission MX5 Miata, and retractable hardtop MX5 Miata!

APPLICATION GUIDE: This is a best seller for the manual transmission MX5, but we recommend the RoadsterSport Q for those with the automatic transmission or anybody considering purchase of a header or supercharger.

NOTE: When ordering please select correct version. The 09-15 option includes tips that are extended 1.5 inches to properly fit the different profile of the 2009-2015 rear bumper cutouts and the Appearance package option tips are extended 2.5 inches to properly fit the MX5 factory Appearance Package lower rear valance.

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