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TDR Supercharger Belt Tensioner A/C Delete Pulley for 90-05 Miata

Price: From $59.00 to $69.00
Manufacturer: Track Dog Racing

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To install the TDR Tensioner without P/S or A/C you need the A/C Delete Pulley.(TDR-ACD) This is necessary to extend the length of the belt path as there are few to no belts available when using the TDR Tensioner without A/C and power steering.

NOTE: This item is only necessary if you have no A/C or power steering while using the TDR Supercharger Belt Tensioner with the TDR Power Steering Delete Bracket or wish to conver to 6-Rib Belt setup.

To convert to a 6-Rib Belt setup, you will need a TDR 6-Rib Supercharger Pulleythe TDR Supercharger Belt Tensioner with the TDR Power Steering Delete Bracket and either the TDR 4-6 Rib 146mm Crank Overdrive PulleyTDR Crank Overlay Pulley or the TDR 6-Rib Crank Pulley 

NOTE: 6-Rib Conversion is only available for 1994-2005 Miatas.


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