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The TDR Beast Miata

Who is Track Dog Racing?

Gary Shuhart

Gary ShuhartFirst and foremost, the people at Track Dog Racing™ are Miata enthusiasts. Gary Shuhart, the head dog, has a degree in industrial engineering from Texas A&M University. By the time he joined the Miata community, Gary already had more than 30 years of expertise in the field of industrial heating and process control systems.

Gary developed some unique products for his own car, and was encouraged to put them into production. So in the Spring of 2003 he started another company, Track Dog Racing, and has been successful selling his performance products on the internet and through distributors.

One of the first products to market was the TDR air splitter. After having several encounters with curbs and other obstructions, Gary designed and built the first prototype TDR air splitter. After finally getting the design worked out for his '99 Miata, he then started designing them for several other cars. The air splitter quickly became a popular product.

Along with the air splitters, Gary designed and developed the TDR Heat Shield. Nearly 5,000 heat shields are in use and they have excellent reviews from our customers.

Finally, in the Spring of 2003, Gary designed and developed the first production Air-to-Air intercooler for the MP62 supercharger. This intercooler has proven so successful that it has been developed for the BRP and FM Turbos and the Jackson Racing Supercharger, helping these induction systems produce incredible and safe horsepower.

Gary is continually developing new and unique products. Check out the "New Products" section for future product releases.

William's Checkerstripe Miata

William Curran

William CurranWilliam Curran, has an art degree from Collin College and has done everything from selling new Mazdas to working IT support for law firms but finally found his calling in making his hobby his job. He has been tinkering with Miatas since 1997 when he got his first one, a 1995 M-Edition.  A car guy since birth, his first project was rebuilding a European Ford Capri in his parents' driveway.

Since then he has had several Miatas and currently has a fully customized 1996 R-Package and a 1990 White Base model project.  He has vast experience working on cars and specifically Miatas.  He runs the show.  He handles the shop scheduling, answers all the phone and emails that come in.  He is also our web developer, handles shipping and receiving and anything else that needs to be done.  

While not a track junkie he does enjoy going when time and funds allow.  When he isn't playing with, working on or answering questions about Miatas, he spends time with his wife and daughter.    

Mauricio "Mo" Rodriguez

Jovany's Yellow Miata

Jovany Perrone Mauricio Rodriguez is another automotive enthusiast and our newest team member.  He is working on a two year mechanics program at Brookhaven community college.  He has several years of automotive repair under his belt and we converted him into a Miata enthusiast.

Mo is the main mechanic at Track Dog Racing.  His attention to detail and increasing knowledge on all things Miata is evident in the quality of work we've seen. 

His eager attitude and enthusiasm for wrenching on Miatas is obvious and we are happy to have him with us at the "Dog House". Mo has been a car enthusiast all his life. He has owned a FD RX-7, BMW M3, 300ZX and now on his third Miata.  Since working here he has become a huge fan once he drove some of our supercharged Miatas.  Now we just need to get him on the track so he can become a track junkie like the rest of us. 

Debra Meador

Debra's Bumble Bee MiataDebra Meador

It is with a heavy heart we bring you the news of our wonderful receptionist, Debra's passing. Debra put up with all us "boys" and kept us in line. Our local customers may have meet Debra before her illness but most of you know Debra from the "about us" on our website.

Here is her Track Dog Racing Bio:

Debra Meador is the lady that keeps the rest of the boys in line. She used to have a Miata until someone ran a red and t-boned her little "bumble bee". Debra grew up in a small west Texas town. (End Reality) From the time she was a little girl she knew she wanted to see the world. Upon graduating from high school, she joined the Peace Corps where she visited multiple countries in South America, Africa and East Asia. She was in Rangoon when she meet Eduardo, and they soon fell in love. The romance was short lived however, as Eduardo was killed by a tiger. Heart broken and burned out on digging wells and building schools, she moved to Paris, France to become a cabaret singer. "Lady DiDi" became well renowned at the Moulin Rouge as a classy yet daring performer. In fact she caught the fancy of Frederik Monet, the grand nephew of the famous impressionist artist Claude Monet. Frederick introduced Debra to the elite Paris art world where she attended gala events at all the museums and even the Palace of Versailles. Sadly within months of their meeting, Frederick was ironically also mauled to death by a tiger. This time a tiger that got loose from a traveling circus. During the preceding lawsuit that followed, Debra was introduced to Marco, the tiger tamer. A Spaniard of Italian immigrant parents. He ran away to join the circus at the age of six. Debra traveled with Marco as a trapeze artist until Marco was killed. Not by a tiger, actually a bad piece of shellfish. With her heart broken three times in a matter of a few years, Debra decided to move back to Texas, leaving adventure behind until she came to work for us at Track Dog Racing. No tigers or shellfish here, and she's just fine with that.

Well, that description of Debra was not exactly accurate. The story goes that I had asked Debra for a bio when I was working on the new website. After asking her several times, I told her "I" would write her bio if she didn't get it to me. Well, she didn't so I did. She immediately went to her daughter, Brittany for help writing a bio. Brittany read mine and said it was perfect so we kept it.

Funny thing is, people actually thought it was true! She would be asked about it on occasion and always reply with a smile, "Only the first three lines are true." (I added a disclaimer later)

The thing is, as exciting as "Lady DiDi's" life was, Debra's was filled with much more love and happiness. She led a simple life like many of us do but gained a loving family and a large circle of friends who cherish and miss her dearly.

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