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Price: From $35.00 to $40.00
Manufacturer: Track Dog Racing

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These are the same Turn-Buckles we use in our Radical Air Splitters.  
We ofter this in 8" or 9" length.

Mostly aluminum constuction for strength and lightness.  One side is reverse threaded making it easy to adjust the length.  Includes mounting hardware as shown. 

Center section is anodized black aluminum with "Track Dog Racing" logo laser etched in the center.  Adjustable length range for the 8" turn-buckle is 10 1/2" - 12".  Adjustable length for the 9" turn-buckle is 11 1/2" - 13"

The TDR Radical splitters are shipped with the following lengths.  

TDR-90M125 and TDR-99M125 come with a 8" turn-buckle. 

TDR-04M125 and TDR-90RB125 come with a 9" turn-buckle  (Read note below)

NOTE: Starting in September 2013 the TDR-04M125 and TDR-90RB125 switched to a 9" turnbuckle.  If you are replacing a turn-buckle on one of these Radical splitters, measure the length of the black support rod to determine length before ordering.  If you have an earlier version of TDR-04M125 or TDR-90RB125, you can either replace both turn-buckles with a 9" or keep the current 8".  The 9" are a better fit but the 8" are still functional.   

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