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Track Dog Racing™ is a Mazda Miata MX-5 performance specialist, started up in 2002. We offer a range of high quality products for Mazda’s roadsters – suspension, superchargers, intercoolers, clutches, exhausts, roll bars, brakes and servicing – and the know-how and the installation services that can transform the performance and handling of your roadster. 

Edelbrock Supercharger for ND  TDR Super Cool Kit for NC  TDR Rotrex 
Edelbrock Supercharger for 16+ MX-5 TDR "Super Cool" for 06-15 MX-5 TDR Rotrex Supercharger for 90-05 Miata

But let's be clear - we're not just a parts dealer - we like to get our hands dirty. We have an in-depth mechanical understanding of servicing Mazda Miatas and MX-5s thanks to many years of working on and under them. When you talk to TDR you get the benefit of our broad experience for free and you can feel safe in the knowledge your "baby" is in the very best hands. 
We're passionate about offering the very best products the market has to offer so we only recommend parts we'd be happy using on our own cars. In fact, we've worked with most Miata performance products available on the market - so if we don't sell it there's a very good reason. 


Today's Specials

Ultra Shield TDR Rally Sport Seat
Price: $499.00
Ultra Shield TDR Rally Sport Seat
Our Ultra Shield TDR Rally Sport Seat is custom-made for TDR to fit the Miata, with better clearance for the roll bar and doors.


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