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TDR 4-Rib Lightweight Crank Pulley for 94-05 Miata

Price: $199.00
Item Number: TDR-CRNK-4-130
Manufacturer: Track Dog Racing

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TDR 4-Rib Lightweight
Crank Pulley 
1994-2005 Miata

This Lightweight 4-Rib Crank Pulley replaces the heavy OEM crank pulley on 1994-2005 normally aspirated Miatas or with M45, MP62 Superchargers or Rotrex Superchargers.

The solid one piece design will not slip like the OEM.  Allows use of 4-Rib supercharger belt.

This is a compete replacement pulley made from solid 6061 aluminum and anodized black. 

TDR-CRNK-4 Installed

  • Works with both normally aspirated and supercharged Miatas
  • Lighter than stock design improves throttle response
  • Timing marks will not slip like the stock damper.

Do lightweight aluminum crank pulleys lead to premature engine failure?

Most American engines in the muscle car era (50s-60s-70s) were externally balanced.  An external balancer (harmonic balancer) was attached to the outside of the engine, on the crank snout, to balance these engines externally. The crank pulley in such engines would then be attached to this balancer. Removal of this balancer was a bad idea. These balancers were most often used on large displacement V8 engines and the majority of today’s internet forums and social media discussions regarding harmonics stem from this principle.

Modern (1980s and up) Mazda and other Japanese engines are NOT equipped with external balancers. These engines are internally balanced and this process has improved even further since the 90s. So the description of a BALANCER does not apply to the Miata motor.

The crank pulley found on 1990-2005 Miata engines is typically called a harmonic damper. This damper is a thin rubber band, less than (1/8 inch) 2mm, built into the crank pulley. This rubber is supposed to absorb something called NVH, noise/vibration/harshness. Suffice it to say, this rubber is actually not very good at performing its intended purpose. What happens to rubber after exposure to weather conditions such as humidity, snow, rain, etc is that it often becomes brittle, hard, and crunchy. They can also slip so the timing marks are off.  Can something with these properties actually absorb vibrations very well?

Further on the topic of the rubber damper, engine vibrations, or possible threats resulting from elimination of this rubber piece…On a well maintained engine with bolt-ons or low to moderate amounts of boost like what most boosted Miata owners probably run, a lightweight aluminum crank pulley will not have any life threatening consequences in the stock 7200 RPM range.  We have actually run a 8,000 RPM revlimiter with no problems. 

The engineering reasons are that most modern vehicles including the Miata have a short (increasingly strong) crankshaft operating under 8,000 RPM. There is a dangerous second harmonic that can cause damage at an RPM that most Miata engines will never see, in the area above 10,000 RPM. Even the OEM damper is not tuned for attenuation above 10,000 RPM.  99% of our customers do not fall into the latter category. How many 10,000 RPM+ Miatas do we have on the street?


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