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Intake Air Temperature Sensor for MegaSquirt ECU

Price: $33.00
Item Number: MSPNP-IAT

DIY Autotune Logo Intake Air Temperature Sensor
MegaSquirt ECU Only

GM Open Element IAT Sensor with Pigtail

Recommended 'Fast-Response' Intake Air Temp Sensor (IAT) for use on forced induction vehicles. These are the proper GM-style sensors for use with the MegaSquirt line of ECUs and include a 6" wire pig-tail with weatherproof connector.

The threads are 3/8" NPT pipe thread - note that isn't an actual 3/8" outer diameter but a pipe thread size based on pipe inner diameter.

If you need to calibrate your MS for this sensor, here's the calibration data we use for them for a three point curve.


Temperature Ohms
48 degrees F 7000
87 degrees F 1930
146 degrees F 560

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