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Delrin Door Bushings for MX5 Miata (All Years)

Price: $45.00
Item Number: TDR-DB
Delrin Door Bushings
for MX5 Miata

(All Years)

We noticed the benefits of these the most while going over bumps and rough patches in the road. The doors don’t move at all. The common door rattles, clunks and wiggle virtually disappear over harsh bumps.

These bushings are great for keeping your doors where they need to be while driving but they are not a replacement for door bars.  For what they are, they do their job fantastically well.

Some people have noticed the doors are a bit harder to close but we have been able to play with the adjustment and eliminate any issues. 

Door Bushings 6

Fits all Miata chassis.  NA, NB, NC and ND  1990+

Door Bushings 2 Door Bushings 1 Door Bushings 3

Door Bushings 4 Door Bushings 5


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