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TDR ROTREX Supercharger System for 94-97 1.8 Miata

Price: $5,500.00
Configuration: -A/C-350cc-255fp-F/T
Manufacturer: Track Dog Racing

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Options for Miatas without power steering
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Rotrex Supercharger System
1994-1997 Miata
Shipping Now!! Call for personalized setup.

Ready for over 220 RWHP* out of your stock 94-97 1.8?  Fast and reliable HP in a Miata.  Kit includes the ROTREX Supercharger, intercooler, all required mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions. 

*Actual results may vary.


Complete kit: $5,500

Flat Rate $200 S&H*


*Contiguous US

Click here for installation instructions


Wondering what to order?

Which Rotrex should I get?

We recommend the C30-84 for mostly street driven and autocross Miatas.  The power comes in at a lower RPM and is more enjoyable at lower speeds.  
The C30-94 will produce more power at high RPM making it a better choice for mostly track driven 1.8 Miatas. It excels with head work and/or cams.

What ECU should I get?

A more important question is who will be tuning your car?  In our experience, finding a good, reputable tuner is the first step.  Then find out what ECU they like and recommend.  If they like MegaSquirt then simply add it to your order.  Ultimately though, this choice should be made with your tuner as they will be the one tuning it. 

OK.  I want a MegaSquirt.  Which one should I get?

Generally, like most things, you get what you pay for.  TDR recommends the MS3 Pro if it's in the budget.  There is a noticeable difference with the MS3 Pro having near OEM performance and reliability.  The MS2 is noticeably more “aftermarket”. With the MS2 you may notice a few stumbles on occasion such as when the A/C comprtessor kicks on.  It just isn’t as smooth as the MS3 Pro.  Either ECU will work with Flex Fuel and E-85, however the MS3 Pro is required for the 01-05 VVT engine.   

What size injectors should I get?

Again, always check with your tuner on any fuel management choices.  The stock injectors do not flow enough for the increased power of the Rotrex so you will need to upgrade the stock injectors.

We use 350cc injectors for street/autocross Miatas running premium pump gas.  If you plan to track the car or run E-85, step up to the 1000cc injectors. All the injectors are very streetable.  It's always a good idea to have more fuel capacity than you need.

What about the fuel pump?

You also need to upgrade the stock fuel pump for the same reason you are upgrading the injectors.  The 255lph pump is a direct swap for your stock fuel pump.  It is quiet, flex fuel rated, and flows enough fuel for any of our injectors. 

What else do I need?

There are some things you'll need and some things we recommend.  You will need fuel management as discussed above.  You will also need to upgrade the clutch to handle the increased torque The TDR Small Dog Pack is a great value.  We recommend upgrading the header and motor mounts.  It is also important to monitor the supercharger by adding AFR and Boost gauges.  One of our favorite options is the "2 gauges in 1" Innovate PSB-1 with a single A-Pillar pod

What is the Exocet option about? 

The Exocet is a custom caged frame track car kit that uses Miata components.  We offer the TDR Rotrex kit without intercooler ducting, radiator cover(s) or oil cooler bracket.  The customer will be responsible for making the intercooler and oil cooler fit.  Intercooler pipes are included but may require additional fabrication.  If you've built an Exocet, we assume you have the fabrication skills to make our kit work.

NOTE: No instructions are included to make these modifications.

Click here for the latest information on our new TDR Rotrex Supercharger kit.

Kits typically ship in 3-5 business days.

TDR Rotrex for 1994-1997 Miata

TDR Rotrex

Kit Includes:

  • Rotrex C30-84 blower with 72mm 4-rib pulley or C30-94 with 90mm 4-rib pulley

  • TDR auto tensioner supercharger mounting system

  • TDR air to air front mount intercooler 

  • TDR custom radiator air flow panels

  • TDR stainless steel intercooler piping

  • TDR custom silicone hoses including a cold air intake system with K&N filter

  • TDR Custom fender mounted supercharger oil cooler setup

  • Supercharger oil reservoir with hoses and fittings

  • TDR Insulated Header Heat Shield

  • TDR Oil Catch Can System

  • NGK spark plugs

  • TDR Hood Lift Kit

Dyno for TDR Rotrex 1996
Vehicle Specifications
1997 Brilliant Black 


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