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TDR PNP Fuel and Timing Cards for 90-05 Force Inducted Miata

Price: From $399.00 to $799.00
Configuration: -GEN
Manufacturer: Track Dog Racing

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TDR Logo PNP Fuel and Timing Cards
1990-2005 Force Inducted Miata

TDR PNP (Plug N' Play) Fuel and Timing Management. 

If electrical wiring is not something you are comfortable with, this item makes the job truly plug and play.  The TDR PNP Gen 3 Fuel and Timing Cards Implement a improved Bosch remote vacuum/boost sensor to provide increased accuracy and it is now a replaceable part.  There are small changes to the programing for smoother operation as well.   

This kit is a great fuel and timing management solution for all forced induction Miatas running up to 12 PSI*. Installation is simple and drivability is as good as stock.  For additional fueling TDR has used larger injectors with the TDR Fuel Card to achieve higher boost levels than 8 psi. Contact us for more information.
  • Retain stock ECU for easy emissions inspection and trouble shooting.  90-95 Cars retain OBDI and 96-05 Cars retain OBDII codes.
  • Easy installation.  A vacuum/boost hose and simple plug in application are all that is required. All parts and instructions are included.  The TDR PNP installs in about 20 minutes. 
  • The harnesses are specially constructed for Track Dog Racing with male and female ends that extend your factory wire harness.  They are specifically designed to allow us to splice into their ECU wiring circuits without alteration to the vehicle’s factory wiring harness. It also makes installation and troubleshooting much easier. 
TDR Fuel Card
TDR Fuel Card (90-05)
 - The TDR fuel controller incorporates the latest in microprocessor technology and features an industry first tuning solution that is self-diagnostic. The TDR Fuel Card easily installs in between the factory ECU and the injectors. During idle, mild acceleration or cruise, your car reacts just as the manufacturer intended. Mash the throttle and the TDR Fuel Card responds with added fuel in milliseconds. Coupled with instantaneous Supercharged boost, power is delivered as fast as your right foot can work the accelerator pedal. Smooth transition and seamless drivability in a completely emissions legal package are the result.
TDR Timing Card

TDR Timing Card (94-05 Only)
 - TDR's timing controller represents the latest in engine timing technology. As the OEMs upgrade and improve their engine management systems to comply with higher emissions standards, the timing control method for forced induction systems must improve for safe and powerful results. Timing Controllers RPM based methodology is the answer.

 If you have a TDR Rotrex Supercharger Kit, Please select that option when purchasing.  This ensures the cards are pre-programmed for easier installation.   If you have any other forced induction system, select the default option.  It will require a bit of fine tuning on your part.  TDR is not responsible for damage due to not following the included instructions or ordering the wrong card.  

*TDR has used larger custom injectors with the TDR Fuel Card to achieve higher boost levels up to 12 PSI. Contact us for more information.

Click here for installation instructions

Click here for programming instructions


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