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TDR "Super Cool" Battery Kit for 06-15 MX5

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Add TDR Insulated Heat Shield (+ $105.00)

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"Super Cool" Battery Kit
2006-2015 MX5

Why the TDR Super Battery Flow Kit was developed.

The TDR Super Cool Battery Kit replaces battery and relocates washer bottle to reduce engine under hood temperatures. On the 2006-2015 MX-5, there is a very narrow middle section between the battery box and the air filter box to remove heat. For the most part, this design works efficiently.  However, reducing engine under the hood temperatures will improve overall engine performance.  Air conditioning will also improve when there is less heat radiating on the condenser coil.

Super Cool Engine Bay

What the TDR Super Cool Battery Kit does

Our testing was conducted on two similar NC models at a local road racing track.  Temperatures were around 85° F.  Both models had a RoadsterSport HeaderTDR Insulated Heat Shield and our TDR Super Cool Air Intake.  Our second model included our engine control unit (ECU) bracketbattery relocation kit and removal of the restrictive panels covering the radiator outlet area.  During a 20 minute track session, coolant temperatures were monitored through the OBD2 port.  Results were an amazing 15F degree reduction in temperature.  The stock configuration ran around 200° F while the relocation setup, providing better airflow ran 185° F.

What the TDR Super Cool Air Flow Kit includes

Our battery relocation setup replaces the large and heavy NC battery with either a lightweight AGM battery or the AGM battery for the 1990-2005 Miata.  The washer fluid bottle* is also relocated to more ideal locations.  Our battery relocation setup has the option of either a supplied small AGM maintenance free battery or an optional bracket in which you supply a battery from a 1990-2005 (NA/NB) Miata.  The NA/NB batteries are available at most auto parts stores.

The battery is relocated to the fender frame area and includes a battery disconnect switch.  The battery disconnect switch maintains a strong battery if you don’t drive your Miata every day and provides anti-theft protection as well as an easy disconnect for servicing. The small AGM battery saves about 15 lbs over the OEM battery.  The NA/NB is about 5-7 lbs lighter.

Super Cool Battery Kit
Special not for RHD and Canadian MX-5 owners

*This kit has been tested on left-hand drive only.   This kit should work on right-hand drive cars or Canadian cars with the exception on the washer fluid bottle relocation.  

Lightweight AGM Battery Details (Recommended for track cars only)
(U.S. Domestic Only
If located outside the United State, your will have to purchase your battery locally.  We can not ship batteries outside the United States.

Super Start Power Sports AGM Battery

  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 270 CCA

  • Length (In): 6-7/8 Inch

  • Width (In): 3-7/16 Inch

  • Height (In): 6-1/8 Inch

  • Weight (Lbs): 11.2 Lbs.

  • Voltage (V): 12 Volts

  • Maintenance free design provides no spilling, no leaks and no water to check.

  • 10 Amp Hour Rate (Ah): 18Ah

TDR RECOMMENDATION: We recommend the NA/NB Battery if the car is a daily driver.  The Lightweight AGM Battery really is too small to handle the daily duty of cold and frequent starting. 

Click here for installation instructions.


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