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TDR Supercharger Nose Pulleys for 90-05 Miata with M45 or MP62 Supercharger

Price: $125.00
Manufacturer: Track Dog Racing

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Supercharger Nose Pulleys
1990-2005 Miata with M45 or MP62 Supercharger.

These pulleys are CNC machined aluminum and anodized black. These are replacements/upgrades for either the M45 and MP62 depending on which belt system your blower uses.

Contact us for help selecting the appropriate size.

58mm 6-rib only available for the BRP MP62

TDR Supercharger Nose Pulleys
How Much Boost will I gain over my current pulley setup?

For each 2.5mm reduction in pulley size, we gain approximate 1psi of additional boost.

For example:  If you have a 70mm pulley and installed the TDR-PUL4-65, you would see about 2psi increase. And 3psi for the 62.5mm pulley over the 70mm.
For increased boosted application above 7-8psi, install the TDR Intercooler kit for the M45/MP62.  As the supercharger boost increases so does the intake air temperature.  By installing the TDR air-to-air intercooler, intake temperatures are dramatically reduced.  Read more about the TDR Intercooler here.

Cone Style Pulley

 If you have the older style cone-shaped pulley, (see photo at left) the TDR Supercharger Pulleys will not work with your application. Our TDR Crank Overlay Pulley is your only option for added boost. 

Questions? Contact us!


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