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TDR Track Setup Belt Tensioner for M45 and MP62 Superchargers

Price: From $339.00 to $349.00
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Manufacturer: Track Dog Racing

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Add OEM Power Steering Bracket (+ $50.00)
TDR Logo Track Setup Belt Tensioner
1990-2005 Miata with M45 and MP62 Superchargers

TDR Track Tensioner

This TDR tensioner kit is for a 1990-2005 Miata with a M45 or MP62 setups with no power steering and no A/C

This kit includes:

  • TDR Supercharger Belt Tensioner 

  • TDR Power Steering Delete Bracket 

  • TDR A/C Delete Pulley

TDR Supercharger Belt Tensioner 

If you have the original belt tensioner from the JRSC or Moss kit, take a look at the TDR Belt Tensioner Bracket. This innovative product makes tightening the supercharger belt a snap. And TDR has taken the Belt Tensioner Bracket one step further by adding new steel flanged idler pulleys designed to keep the belt inline. These pulleys are virtually indestructible and will not get damaged from belt wear.  

Thinking of upgrading your old JR M45 or MP62 4-rib supercharger belt tensioner? A new drive belt stretches and requires 2-3 adjustments before reaching near the longest stretch. The older style JR tensioner bracket requires several bolts to loosen in order to make a simple tensioning adjustment. The Moss tensioner is a nice improvement over the old style, but falls short in tensioning travel (maximum of 1") and is not as solidly mounted as the TDR Tensioner with its two-piece design. 

TDR Belt Tensioner

The TDR Tensioner is made from 1/2" aluminum for solid strength -- no flexing. The pulley tensioner adjustment offers over 2" of travel, giving you plenty of room to install your drive belt and to adjust proper tension. High speed, high temperature steel ribbed pulleys provide a much better surface that is easy on the drive belts prolonging belt life. Drive belt tensioning is simple: just loosen the tensioner pulley and adjust the tensioner bolt. This TDR tensioner kit is for M45 or MP62 setups with no power steering and no A/C. 

TDR Power Steering Delete Bracket

The TDR Tensioner Power Steering Delete Bracket installs in place of the power steering assembly. All required hardware is supplied.

TDR Power Steering Delete Bracket
TDR A/C Delete Pulley

This is necessary to extend the length of the belt path as there are few to no belts available when using the TDR Tensioner without A/C and power steering.

TDR A/C Delete Pulley

NOTE: If this is a new installation and your Miata does not have power steering, you will need to add a Mazda OEM P/S bracket.  This part is not included but we do have some used ones available as an option. 




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