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Ultra Shield Harness Floor Mount Kit

Price: $6.50
Item Number: ULS-FMK
Manufacturer: UltraShield
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Harness Floor Mount Kit

Combine these forged eyebolts with our harness clips for quick harness installation and removal.  Perfect for use with submarine belts, lap belts and harness tabs.  Thread is a perfect match for factory Miata seat belt anchor points and Hard Dog roll bar harness tabs. 

Includes one (1) each forged eyebolt, large area washer, lock washer, and nut. Eyebolt shaft is 1 5/8 (40mm) long by 7/16 (11mm) diameter Thread is 1.25 mm. Large area washer is 2.5 (62mm) diameter by 1/8 (3mm) thick. 
  • Use with Harness Clip-ins
  • Makes Removal and Reinstallation of belts faster
  • Includes 1 each Forged Eye Bolt, Large Flat Washer, Lock Washer and Nut
  • Forged Eyebolt is rated to the stresses associated with harness systems, do not substitute a lower grade eye bolt as this can result in serious injury or death.
    Harness Floor Mount Kit

    NOTE: Eyebolts are forged, forming a complete ring, and should not be substituted with hardware store eye-bolts.

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