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Wilwood Ultralite HP Rotor

Wilwood Ultralite HP 30 Vane Rotor
Wilwood Ultralite HP 30 Vane RotorWilwood Ultralite HP 32 Vane Rotor
Price: $85.00
Manufacturer: Wilwood

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Wilwood Ultralite HP Rotors

Wilwood Ultralite HP Rotor 
Performance Characteristics
Wilwood SRP Drilled Performance Rotor
Ultralite HP 30 Vane Rotor
(1990-2005 Miata)

  • Premium grade, medium weight castings.

  • Suitable for moderate temperature racing to street use.

  • For ultimate durability in racing use comparable GT72 rotors.

Ultralite HP Rotor - Product Details Rotor Dimensions Diagram

Ultra-Light ULHP straight vane rotors provide high value performance and rugged durability for a wide range of competition, high performance, and sport driving applications. Do not confuse these rotors with bargain priced off-brand named parts. Wilwoods modern manufacturing capability, combined with large scale economics, make it possible to offer this level of quality and performance at such an affordable price. 

Every Wilwood rotor is cast from premium grade, long grain carbon iron. This material exhibits long wear, high thermal stability, and excellent resistance to distortion in high heat. Modern foundry and machining techniques hold close tolerances on face and vane thickness. Combining the correct face thickness with a 30 vane casting provides superior heat management and long service life with low rotating and unsprung weight. The straight vane design also makes it possible to use the same rotor on left or right hand mounting locations.

ULHP series rotors provide the additional performance and smoother operation of precision machined faces with less than .001" variation in flatness, parallelism, and run-out. 

SRP Drilled Performance Rotor Dimension Diagram

Ultralite HP 32 Vane Rotor 
(2016+ Miata)

Rotor Applications
Driving EnvironmentApplication Duty
Street Performance Medium Duty
Rally Light Duty
Road Race Light Duty

Rotor Specifications
Application Diameter (in) Width (in) Material Vane Count Weight (lbs)
1990-2005 Front 11 0.81 Iron 30 V 7.9
2016+ Front 12.19 0.81 Iron 32 V 8.9

Rotor Dimensions (see diagram above)
Application Rotor Bolt Circle (in): Rotor Mount Hole Size (in): Lug ID / Registration (in): Far Side Inside Diameter (in):
1990-2005 Front 6 x 6.25 0.326 5.59 7.42
2016+ Front 8 x 7.0 0.326 6.38 8.56

Rotor Dimensions Diagrams
SRP Drilled Performance Rotor Dimension Diagram
Ultralite HP 30 Vane Rotor Dimension Diagram 
(1990-2005 Miata)
SRP Drilled Performance Rotor Dimension Diagram
Ultralite HP 32 Vane Rotor Dimension Diagram 
(2016+ Miata)

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