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Wilwood SRP Drilled Rotors

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Manufacturer: Wilwood

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Wilwood SRP Drilled Rotors

Wilwood SRP Drilled Rotor 
Performance Characteristics

Wilwood SRP Drilled Performance Rotor

  • Premium grade, medium weight castings.

  • Suitable for moderate temperature racing to street use.

  • For ultimate durability in racing use comparable ULHP or GT rotors.

SRP Drilled Performance Rotor - Product Details Rotor Dimensions Diagram

SRP Drilled Performance Rotors feature a specially engineered directional cross drill and face slot pattern that improve brake response and pad performance throughout the entire range of light to heavy braking. The venting and cleaning action of the holes and slots will reduce pad glaze and disperse gasses and heat generated during the pad to rotor interface. The holes and slots also inhibit irregular pad compound build-up on the rotor faces resulting in smoother engagement and improved pedal response in all conditions. The material removed also contributes to lower rotating and unsprung suspension weight. 

Along with the excellent performance characteristics of this rotor design, each rotor is treated with a black electro coat or zinc plate to inhibit corrosion on all areas of the rotor. The high tech design, classic style, and aesthetic appeal of the SRP series are the perfect finishing touches to any wheel and tire detail.

SRP rotors are available in all sizes for your Miata specific used in Wilwood's Big Brake conversion kits. 

SRP Drilled Performance Rotor Dimension Diagram

SRP Drilled Performance Rotor Dimension Diagram 

Rotor Applications
Driving EnvironmentApplication Duty
Street Performance Heavy Duty
Rally Medium Duty
Road Race Medium Duty

Rotor Specifications
Application Diameter (in) Width (in) Material Vane Count Weight (lbs)
1990-2005 Front 11 0.81 Iron 30 V 7.7
2006-2015 Front 14 1.1 Spec-37 Iron 72 V 14.5
2006-2015 Front 12.88 1.1 Spec-37 Iron 48 CV 11.9
2006-2015 Rear 12.88 0.81 Iron 48 CV 10.2
2016+ Front 12.88 0.81 Iron 48 CV 10.2
2016+ Front 12.19 0.81 Iron 32 V 8.8

Rotor Dimensions (see diagram above)
Application Rotor Bolt Circle (in): Rotor Mount Hole Size (in): Lug ID / Registration (in): Far Side Inside Diameter (in):
1990-2005 Front 6 x 6.25 0.326 5.59 7.42
2006-2015 Front 12 x 8.75 0.251 8.25 10
2006-2015 Front 12 x 8.75 0.251 8.25 9.46
2006-2015 Rear 12 x 8.75 0.251 8.25 9.46
2016+ Front 12 x 8.75 0.251 8.25 9.46
2016+ Front 8 x 7.0 0.326 6.38 8.56

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