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Meet the Track Dog Racing Crew

First and foremost, the people at Track Dog Racing™ are Miata enthusiasts.  Everyone of us owns at least one Miata, Most own two and a few own three or more!  Combined we have well over 30 years working with Miatas!  We love what we do and think it shows in the service to you, our customer. Now let's meet the crew!

Gary Shuhart
Gary Shuhart Gary Shuhart, the head dog, has a degree in industrial engineering from Texas A&M University. By the time he joined the Miata community, Gary already had more than 30 years of expertise in the field of industrial heating and process control systems.

Gary's Yellow Miata
Gary developed some unique products for his own car, a 99 Miata with a BRP MP62 and was encouraged to put them into production. In the Spring of 2003 he started another company, Track Dog Racing, and has been successful selling his performance products on the internet and through distributors.

One of the first products to market was the TDR air splitter. After having several encounters with curbs and other obstructions, Gary designed and built the first prototype TDR air splitter. After finally getting the design worked out for his 99 Miata, he then started designing them for several other Miatas. The air splitter quickly became a popular product.

Along with the air splitters, Gary designed and developed the TDR Heat Shield. Nearly 5,000 heat shields are in use and they have excellent reviews from our customers.

Finally, in the Spring of 2003, Gary designed and developed the first production Air-to-Air intercooler for the MP62 supercharger. This intercooler has proven so successful that it has been developed for the Greddy, BRP and FM Turbos, Jackson Racing M45 Supercharger, MOSS and BRP MP62 Supercharger and now the TDR Rotrex Supercharger, helping these induction systems produce incredible and safe horsepower. Gary is continually developing new and unique products. Check out the "New Products" section for future product releases.

Gary is a long time car guy.  He has a strange obsession with yellow cars and currently owns three yellow Miatas, a yellow Datsun 240Z and a yellow Lotus Evora.  He is also a huge racing fan and can talk for hours about F1, Vintage Racing, MotoGP or just about any other racing on a circuit.

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