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Yesterday I had my first track session since the Rotrex install.   My wife and I did a one day event at Eagles Canyon.   Wow.  What a track.   The supercharger performed magnificently.  4000-6000 RPM was truly rewarding.   The upgraded Hawk HP+ brake pads really shined as well- no lock-ups this time and strong braking.   The only downer was my 9 year-old tires.  I was drifting more than I was cornering.  I should've had ya'll throw on some new rubber too.  Oh well...

Thanks again for the awesome work on my car.   It turned a lot of heads when I was screaming down the straight by the pits yesterday.

Pete K - Granbury, TX

I recently ordered and installed a Racing Beat 4-1 exhaust header for my '94 Miata to replace the rusting and dilapidated original manifold. However, as many have noted on forums, there was a significant increase in heat throughout the engine bay as this is a stainless steel header and offers no ceramic coating. After a brief ride around the city I could already smell the nearby heater/coolant hoses getting a bit too hot! I wrapped the hoses with header wrap, and that seems to have solved that issue. But the excessive heat output on the driver's side of the engine bay was not pleasant - I couldn't touch the hood or anything in the engine bay after a drive.

After a bit of research ( forums again) and reader testimony on your TDR Insulated Heat Shield I decided to give it a try. I ordered one last week and it arrived yesterday. After 15 minutes (on a cold engine) everything was ready to go! I went out for a spirited 40-minute ride. When I returned I could tell the difference before I even got out of the car. I touched the hood - it was the same temp as the rest of the car, except for a small area that was just slightly warm (directly over the header). Upon opening the hood, I knew I'd made the right choice. I could touch the stock air intake, camshaft cover, etc. Nearly all surfaces were cool enough that I could touch them briefly - without the TDR Heat Shield I would have left melted skin!!

I wanted to personally thank you for (a) recognizing the need for a product like this in the Miata aftermarket and (b) for creating a very affordable and great-performing product! 

I knew it would help, but I didn't expect such a dramatic difference. The RB 4-1 header has been "tamed"!!

In my opinion, RB should just sell your Header Blanket with every header purchase - customers will definitely be satisfied then! Have you approached RB or your distributors (Moss, Good-Win, etc.) with this concept? In hindsight, I realize I should have just ordered a Header Blanket with the original header order anyway!

Jeff C. -  St. Louis, MO


I just wanted to send an email in and thank you guys for maintaining a presence and build thread over at The how-to nature of the thread(s) has been really great for us DIY track rats. I have to admit I haven't purchased anything from the site YET... but the presence over at is what made me aware of your business and I will be supporting you with my future purchases.

Thanks for giving back and for pushing the aftermarket for these little cars... Having companies like TDR is what makes owning a miata fun.

Erik B.

I want to thank you for all your help on the Miata project...

This has been a frustrating process and without your parts and advice, I am sure it would not be this close to victory.

Phil S -  MadisonWI 

Just wanted to let you know that the gauge package worked out great! I got the last of the sending units in last week, the new radio face fit perfectly and the "condom" was easy to replace. The lights are an amazingly good match to the factory illumination--and the entire package is really impressive.

I also installed a TDR Splitter, and aside from admiring the look, I really appreciate the form & function, especially the break-away nature of the nylon fasteners.

Next up is the TDR Insulated Heat Shield--and though it's sitting in a box just 10 feet away, I just can't bring myself to cover up the brand new headers yet--too pretty!

So thanks again for everything--I'm really pleased with all the goodies--and especially your attention to detail!

Dean D. - Midlothian, VA

Some time ago I ordered some parts form you, namely the TDR belt tensioner, along with a set of poly bushings for the diff for my MX5.

Just wanted to compliment you on both the quality of the TDR part, and the service you gave; the TDR belt tensioner and diff bushings have now been installed, along with many other much needed updates to the car.

I'm glad you talked me into the 
poly bushings instead of std items; what a phenomenal difference they've made; the back end of the car is so changed from how it was before, much, much more planted, much, much more controllable. I had been thinking that I'd installed springs and shocks that were too stiff for the back end, such was the harsh nature of the ride before, but no, it seems that the diff housing just needed to be brought under control!

And the 
TDR belt tensioner
 is a work of art, a joy to install and adjust; and it looks great under the bonnet too!
So, thanks again for your advice prior to sale, your speedy shipment and helpful invoicing. I've been recommending you to others, and will continue to do so.

Graham C. - Coleford Gloucestershire,  UK 

I recently purchased a TDR Splitter for my 96 Miata with R-package front air dam, everything was mounted and all was well, until this afternoon. I don't know what I was thinking, but I went to start my car and released the clutch without putting the car into neutral. Needless to say, the splitter took a hit to the curb and half of the plastic bolts/nuts went snapping off. I decided to just take the remainder off and put the splitter in my car as to not lose it or ruin it on the drive back home. So, I'm sure you see where I am going with this...I need a new set of hardware for my splitter. Let me know how much/where to pay!

I was pleasantly surprised to see how "strong" the splitter was on there! It took a little bit of grunt to snap the remaining heads of the plastic bolts that were still attached to the lip! Awesome product by the way!

Ryan G. - Buena Park, CA

Just got my TDR belt tensioner for the M45 SC today. And I just wanted to say thank you!  You did all I expected, and a little more! I will order more from you guys for sure. The tensioner is a really quality piece.

Kenneth - Hamar, Norway

I just wanted to say thank you. I did not expect the Hard Dog roll bar to be shipped so quickly. I purchased it the 3rd and it arrived the 9th and installation will be finished in just a few hours. Great shipping price as well! 

Dustin B. Orlando, FL

I placed a call to Track Dog in July when my 1997 Miata still would not start even after installing a new battery.  I spoke with Gary and he suggested a fix over the phone to save me from having the car towed in which was replacing the 80 amp fuse (cost of 3.45 at Autozone).  He gave me specific steps and instructions over the phone, would not accept any payment, and of course, it was exactly the problem!  He mentioned that most likely the fuse had been blown  when someone was trying to jump the car and had the battery cables reversed. 

I have never experienced this level of customer service with a car dealership or repair center .  I am a customer for life! Thank you again for saving me a lot of money and time and renewing my faith in ‘doing the right thing’.

Lou Anne S. Fort Worth, TX 

Just wanted to say that the work you guys did on my car is fantastic!  I still can't get over the the power and responsiveness I'm now enjoying in my Miata!  Couple that with the fantastic sound coming from the Racing Beat exhaust you guys put on.  It truly feels like I'm driving a new car! Thanks again to you and the team there at Track Dog!

Greg F.  Addison, TX  

I just recently purchased a Mazda miata and bought a new intake setup for my Jackson racing supercharger from your company, long story short, I am very pleased with it and you can for sure expect future business from me, you guys shipped my item fast like I wish my miata was. I really enjoy killing time on your website as well. Love the products keep up the good work!

Alec D.  Andover, MN

I just wanted to take time out to send an email to let you know just how happy I am with how my TDR built engine is running. Most of the time people will take time to write and complain and not take time to write and give thanks. I wanted to be sure that since you and your excellent team took time to work with me that I took the time to thank you and your team for the work performed to build my engine. Your recommendations, with listening to what I was looking for out of my car, came together perfectly in my honest opinion. I do believe that you put together the perfect match to what I was wanting for my 2004 Mazdaspeed MX5. People that have ridden with me before and after are amazed at the difference with the car. My non-Miata enthusiast friends could not believe how strong the car feels and pulls.

 I would also like to ensure that I mention William and Jovany as they are top notch employees and Miata specialists . It was a joy to work with them and pick their brains when I had questions. Their knowledge of the Miata and the products carried by TDR is spot on. Never once did I feel that I was bothering them when working with them at the shop or over the phone. Both of William and Jovany always had proper and correct answers to my questions. They do go above and beyond to ensure TDR clients are taking care of. That to me is the type of customer service that keeps customers coming back!

 Also wanted to tell you that the hood lift kit was perfect for the car. The extra room created to get to the engine from the extra lift from the kit is perfect for the Miata. Until you get rid of the hood prop and go with this lift kit you do not realize how much more room there is to work with under the hood. I do have one problem with them though, at times I am not sure what I like showing off more, the hood lift kit or the engine! I think that is a good problem to have!

 Again thank you for my engine and thank you for putting together your excellent team!

 Matt L.  Arlington, TX

I recently purchased a TDR Radiator, TDR Air to Air Intercooler, TDR Belt Tensionerand TDR Insulated Heat Shield from you.  These were arrived week commencing 26 January and were professionally fitted here in the UK by an Miata specialist.  Both he and I are very impressed with the quality of the parts and the look of the installation (which appears as though "from the factory").  

Peter B. Petersfield, U.K.

I wanted to quickly thank you for your time, patience, and expertise.  After our visit, and following the reset schedule you provided, the car has finally passed its inspection with NO "Not Ready" codes!!  I'll be advising anyone I know with a problem Miata to see you.  Many thanks!!

Bob S.  McKinney, TX

Thank you so much for taking the time to diagnose the problem with our Miata’s Check Engine light and FIXING IT. As I mentioned to you, we had taken the car to several places and were unable to find anyone who could rectify the problem.  One “technician” even told us we would have to get a new instrument cluster if we wanted the Check Engine light to go out.  We did that . . . and the Check Engine light reappeared. But no smoke and mirrors from you.  Not only did you fix the problem that prompted the Check Engine light to turn off, but you identified and solved other issues that were getting ready to emerge.  None of the “technicians” we spoke to prior to meeting you took the time to check out the engine and determine what it needed to be reliable. Needless to say, Beverly and I are thrilled with the service we received from Track Dog Racing and will recommend you to everyone we know who has a Miata.  My only regret is that it took us so long to find you.  But it was certainly worth the wait. 

Thanks again for getting our Miata back to “zoom zoom” mode.

Russ and Beverly M.  Dallas, TX




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