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No Hot Air At Track Dog Racing...Real Results for the Real World

At Track Dog Racing™ we are continually testing new products and developing new ideas to get the most out the MP62 and M45 line of superchargers. Here are three of our test cars. Everything we have developed has been backed up by multiple dyno runs, testing on the race track and driving on the street. There is No Hot Air at Track Dog Racing!



288 hp / 240 ft·lb at the wheels

'99 Miata with Modified Engine and MP62 (14psi)

The TDR '99 Miata reached a new high, 288 RWHP using the Greddy Emanage Ultimate fuel and timing system. To be at this power level requires much stronger internals and better breathing from the intake to the exhaust. TDR built this engine 3 years ago and has over 2,000 miles of hard track time not including daily street driving. This car has been a great test bed for finding the limits of supercharger applications for which we can then provide our customers the best system and the most reliable setup. This car uses 93 octane (and during this dyno run) and is emissions legal!

Dyno Run

Car/System: '99 Miata with Modified Engine and MP62
Max. Power: 288.05 rwhp
Max Torque: 240.43 ft·lb
  • MP62 modified and ported with TDR Intercooler
  • Greddy Emanage Ultimate engine management
  • 140 mm Crank pulley and 60 mm SC pulley
  • 70mm Throttle Body with ported intake
  • Extensive cylinder head work
  • Forged Piston & Rods with 8.9 to 1 CR
  • TDR Custom 4-2-1 header,Goodwin Mid-pipe and Racing Beat Dual muffler



216 hp / 188 ft·lb at the wheels

'99 Miata with MP62 and Boost Upgrade Kit (11psi)

The new TDR/Moss MP62 with TDR Boost upgrade '99 Miata with MP62 Supercharger setup produces excellent horsepower and torque using a stock Miata engine. This setup is the best bang-for-the-buck. Power at this level is not hard on the drive train and easy to drive daily. Our boost upgrade kit includes custom injectors and SC pulley upgrade, requires the much improved TDR belt tensioner.

Dyno RunCar/System: '99 Miata MP62 with TDR Intercooler
Max. Power: 216.15 rwhp
Max Torque: 188.01 ft·lb

  • Stock MP 62 supercharger with TDR Intercooler
  • Powercard Pro Fuel and Timing controls
  • 62.5 mm SC pulley
  • Stock motor with JRSC header
  • Goodwin Mid-pipe and Racing Beat muffler



196 hp / 173 ft·lb at the wheels

'99 Miata with M45 and Boost Upgrade Kit (8psi)

The Jackson Racing M45 supercharger can produce some awesome horsepower and torque with a little help form Track Dog Racing. The key to more power is through cooler air using the TDR air-to-air intercooler system. This '99 Miata with a JRSC M45 Supercharger has the TDR air-to-air intercooler, JR Power Card, JR header, TDR Air Filter Kit, and the Crank Overlay pulley with the 62.5 mm SC pulley. The great thing about adding a TDR air-to-air intercooler to a M45 setup is that when you want to move up to the MP62 (and you know you will) only the supercharger pipe needs to be changed.

Dyno RunCar/System: '99 Miata M45 w/ TDR Intercooler 
Max. Power: 196.46 RWHP
Max Torque: 173.00 LB/ft

  • Stock M45 supercharger with TDR Intercooler
  • JR PowerCard with Walbro fuel pump
  • 150 mm Crank Overlay pulley and 62.5mm SC pulley, 8PSI
  • Stock motor with JRSC header
  • TDR Air Filter Kit
  • TDR Heat Shield
  • Goodwin Mid-pipe and Racing Beat muffler



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