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What's so special about TDR intercoolers?

The TDR air-to-air intercooler has as much as a 70% shorter path for the charged air to travel than other typical Miata intercoolers. Other manufacturers route their intercooler pipes around and under the radiator to the front of the car which lengthens the charged air path dramatically. This long maze of pipes also results in extra weight and more heat soak than the TDR piping.

TDR uses a simple approach to intercooling pipes - It's over the top of the radiator. Our two pipes are each 16" long and they only have one single 90 degree bend. When compared side to side with other systems it's plain to see the beauty of the TDR intercooler design.

Our scientific testing shows that pressure drop is reduced and cooling efficiency is greatly improved when using our intercooler design over our competitor's design.


Our design also has fewer hose connections and makes it less likely for connectors to blow off like other systems tend to do. We have converted several cars with "other brands" of forced induction systems over to TDR intercoolers and the results are very impressive.

Only the highest-quality materials and intercooler cores are used, making this one of the best intercoolers available for forced induction Miatas.

Turbo or Supercharger... what is the best system?

What Charger?

This is one of the most asked questions. There are continuing debates on the benefits of each system so we're not going to get into it here.

We specialize in superchargers because they best fit our needs. We wanted a system that could take the punishment of driving on road courses all day, yet still be streetable. We wanted a system that was reliable -- one that didn't increase the underhood temperatures like turbos tend to do. We like the linear power delivery of a supercharger. We like way the power comes on across the whole rpm range when driving on the track and while driving on the back roads. We also like the feel and sound of the blower at higher rpms. Nothing sounds more impressive than hearing a supercharger wail at redline down the front stretch of a race track, or coming down a mountain pass.

The debate will always continue on...but TDR believes that a supercharger along with the TDR Air-to-Air intercooler is a perfect solution for clients that enjoy the same type of driving we like to do.

But I don't want to cut up my car!

We get this all the time from potential customers. But once they see what has to be trimmed, they usually don't think it's so bad.

Yes, the TDR air-to-air intercooler requires some minor cutting of sheet metal. When designing this system we tried to keep the cutting to a minimum. If the car was returned to stock it would be barely noticeable when put back together correctly.

The photo on the right shows the amount of metal that has to be cut. (Click on image to see larger picture.)

We strongly believe in "form follows function." The TDR intercooler is one of the most efficient intercoolers available for hot-side Miata superchargers. The minor cutting allows for the shortest and most effective paths for the intake air to run with minimal pressure drops. So if a little bit of cutting is involved to achieve a better-performing system, then we're all for it.

"Designed For The Street...Proven On The Track." What's that about?

Gary Shuhart, the head dog, is also a motorsport enthusiast. He has raced everything from drag boats to karts to motorcycles during the past 30 years. It only was a matter of time before he found out that the Miata is a great track car, and it is a lot safer than his previous choices.

After getting the chassis and suspension of his '99 Miata set up for optimal handling on the track he started to record some of the fastest times for a "street" Miata at MSR, a popular stomping ground of the SouthWest division of Spec Miatas. He was having lots of fun harassing all types of exotic cars with a Miata with a stock engine while raising a lot of eyebrows at the track.

But the need for speed left Gary wanting more power to pass on the straights. So he installed a JRSC M45 on his '99 Miata and started really getting his lap times down. But he soon found out that intake temperatures started to get out of control and had to start retarding the timing to keep the engine from being destroyed. He tried several off the shelf and custom cooling setups (like water injection and water-to-air intercoolers) to help keep the intake temperatures down, but nothing seem to work at the track. In January of 2003 Gary upgraded to one of the first prototypes of the MP62 supercharger. He continued his quest for an intercooling solution (a custom water to air system) that would work both on the street and track. After many configurations of water-to-air intercoolers failed he finally decided to design his own air-to-air intercooling system. This system finally meet the demands of the track and still worked flawlessly on the street.

After spending countless hours researching, developing and testing this air-to-air intercooler design Gary decided to manufacture this system and offers it exclusively through TDR.

Track Dog Racing has continued developing this intercooler systems by offering many other applications like the Jackson Racing M45, Rotrex supercharger and the FM line of turbochargers.

Gary's Yellow Miata

Why TDR?

Our expertise is high-performance supercharger systems that are suitable for the race track and heavy-duty street use. We've put together high-performance systems for our customers, and can also help you optimize your existing system. We also sell, install and upgrade the stock Jackson Racing and supercharger kits for customers that want a low-maintenance system.

TDR consults with each client to help achieve the power level you are trying to reach. Being a experienced installer means we can install and tune any brand, or level, of supercharger from mild to wild that you want. Let TDR be your supercharger provider. Contact us and will get you boosted today.

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