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Custom Gauge Kits for 1990-2005 Miata

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1990-2005 Miata
Custom Gauge Combinations for 1990-2005 Miatas
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We can put together any combination of custom gauges you'd like. Our  Special Order Gauge Kits come in both single and dual face formats (i.e. EGT, oil pressure, fuel pressure) to fit your needs. A complete kit with custom wiring harness can be made to meet your application. Contact us for an estimate.

You can select any three gauges needed for monitoring your forced induction system and we put them together in ready to install kits. Everything needed to install your gauges is included to make the install simple and complete (see pictures to the below).

TDR Custom Gauge Kit includes:

  • Three gauges of your choice.

  • Gauge Panel that mounts into the radio slot*

  • Installation Kit: Each gauge kit comes pre-assembled and wired. Includes custom harness with color coded wiring, connectors, sensors, vacuum hose, zip-ties any special tools as needed and complete installation instructions.

Gauge close-up

1990-1997 available as flat three panel single DIN or a DDM Works double DIN gauge panel with DIN radio slot. ¤(DDM Works panel fits 90-95, 96-97 Requres a 94-95 factory radio bezel) 

1999-2005 includes single DIN angled gauge panel.          

Air/Fuel Gauge Close-up

Options include:

  • Vacuum/Boost gauge

  • Digital Air/Fuel ratio gauge

  • Temperature gauge. Either a single or dual reading gauge

  • Oil Pressure gauge

  • Other options available on request

If your not sure what gauges fit your needs please contact us and we'll help you select the right ones for your application.


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