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Hard Dog Hard Bar Sport - Black Powdercoat

Price: From $365.00 to $450.00
Manufacturer: Hard Dog Fabrication
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M1 Sport

Black Powdercoat
1990-2005 Miata with plastic rear window softop

The Hard Bar Sport uses the same main hoop as the Hard Bar but with the addition of larger bolt-in main hoop mounting plates and rear braces that mount to the structural framework inside the rear wheel wells.  It is nearly identical to the Hard Core Hardtop but has less standard features and uses 1.5" tubing instead of 1.75" tubing. 

One or two main hoop diagonal braces and / or a harness bar may be added.

Designed for first generation (1990-1997) plastic rear window convertible tops or (1999-2005) with a plastic window soft top or soft top delete. Not compatible with  (1990 - 2005) with glass rear window convertible tops.

This is the bar we recommend for a Miata that sees mostly street use but will work for the occasional autocross or track day. 

Hard Dog M1 Sport Black
M1 Hard Core Hardtop Schematic

Features include:

  • Allows full seat travel and tilt
  • Full interior height and width; farther to the rear than the hard core allowing better head clearance
  • Complete use of hard top and soft top
  • Available with a durable powdercoat finish or polished stainless steel
  • Constructed of highest quality tubing 1.5" diam x .120" wall
  • Laser cut 3/16" mounting plates
  • Complete hardware kit w/ grade 8 bolts and instructions
Use measurements above to measure fightment in relation to driver. 
The Sport and Hard Core Hardtop are slightly shorter and sit farther back than the Hard Core.  The Ace is slightly shorter still but sits the farthest back. 

The biggest question we get regarding this roll bar is how is it different than the M2 Sport. The M2 bar utilizes harness tabs instead of a harness bar.  This allows clearance for the soft top glass rear window.  The rear braces also have a slight bend.  If you have a glass window soft top or plan to install one in the future, order the M2 version

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