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TDR Air-to-Air Intercooler

The Track Dog RacingTM Air-to-Air Intercooler is our signature product. We installed and monitored multiple systems before we were satisfied to release our design to the public. The TDR Intercooler was designed to be an improvement over other available systems on the market today, and we believe we have succeeded. The TDR model number TDR-99MP62 and the TDR-97MP62 are specifically designed for the MP62 Supercharger, for which we are an exclusive Dealer and Installer. Leveraging this intercooler design, we developed kits for various other applications such as the JRSC M45 supercharger (90 through 05), the first generation FM II turbo (90-05) and the most recent Rotrex supercharger (99-05) -- sharing the performance gains of the original intercooler for the MP62.

There is a myth that superchargers can't use Air-to-Air intercoolers since they can't offset pressure loses due to piping and intercooler volume. Superchargers have the advantage of providing boost "right now" and increasing boost as the RPMs increase. Pressure drop associated with intercoolers is a concern, but the substantial cooling benefit of an Air-to-Air intercooler offsets any losses in boost levels by allowing your supercharger to work more efficiently. With cooler, denser intake air, timing retarding is reduced, producing more horsepower. Since superchargers can produce temperatures upward of 300° F, efficient cooling is critical to ensure maximum performance. Some of the benefits of using an Air-to-Air intercooler are:

  • Cooler air reduces chances of detonation
  • More timing (less retard) can be added, producing more horsepower
  • More boost can be safely added
  • No measurable lag because superchargers produce boost instantly
  • Typical efficiency about 80-85%†, twice the efficiency of typical Water to Air systems
  • No maintenance compared to Water to Air intercoolers
  • Simpler installation
† Efficiency based on (Air exiting the compressor minus air exiting the intercooler) divided by (Air exiting the compressor minus ambient air). Example of Air-to-Air: 300F - 115F / 300F - 80F = .84 = 84% efficiency. Example of W/A: 250F - 180F / 250F - 80F = .41 = 41% efficiency

The Track Dog Racing Air-to-Air Intercooler is one of the most efficient Miata intercoolers on the market. The benefits of the TDR system are many, and our complete system is of the highest quality. The piping uses thin-wall 304 stainless steel for a corrosion-free life, and has a beautiful brushed finish.

The intercooler is plumbed from the top of the radiator for the shortest distance distance (typically around 16") and minimal pressure drop. The intercooler uses a large, high-efficiency, all-aluminum core that is 16" W x 8" H x 3" D. Including the piping and fittings, our Air-to-Air intercooler system weighs under 16 lbs., about half of some other manufacturers' systems. Major benefits of the Track Dog Racing Air-to-Air intercooler are:

Highest Quality Components:

  • 304 stainless steel piping with a brushed finish
  • Powder-coated aluminum radiator cover
  • Three-ply silicon hoses
  • Lined pipe clamps that won't dig into the silicone hoses

Extremely Efficient:

  • Plumbed from the top for minimum pressure drop
  • Only two or three large radius bends for less pressure drop
  • Plastic panels that enlarge the radiator shroud area
  • Shroud panels help reduce air losses and improve the efficiency of the intercooler and radiator
  • Ease of installation

Installation requires about 8-10 hours. Knowledge of shop tools would be helpful. If you are installing an intercooler, it is because you want to safely raise your horsepower output.

You'll need to remove the factory hood prop and use aftermarket hood lifts. We stock polished hood lifts that work perfectly for all years of Miata -- and you save 25% on a set when they're added to your intercooler purchase.

We advise you to upgrade your radiator at the same time if you have not already; the stock radiator core was not designed for the added horsepower you will be developing. We stock the TDR Aluminum Radiator for both generations of Miatas.

Rotrex Intercooler
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NOTE: Many aftermarket aluminum radiators including the Koyo radiators on the 90-97 models are 3/4" taller than the stock radiator causing clearance issues with the intake pipe. There are no clearance issues with either the stock radiator or the TDR Alluminum radiator.

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