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TDR Engine Oil Cooler Kit for 94-05 Miata 1.8L

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Price: $329.00 (+$45.00)
Configuration: TDR-O-SAND45-T

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TDR Logo TDR Engine Oil Cooler Kit
1994-2005 Miata

The TDR Engine Oil Cooler kit is a mirror setup of our Rotrex supercharger oil cooling system just mounted on the right side.  The cooler is mounted in the bumper/fender area using a stainless steel mount. The braided cloth cooling hoses are attached to a filter sandwich mount using AN flared fittings.  The sandwich mount has two 1/8” NPT openings for optional temperature sensors and/or pressure senders if desired. The custom cut ABS plastic panels are for closing off and directing airflow to the oil cooler.

TDR Oil Cooler Kit NA
Oil Cooler Mounted
Where is it mounted?
The oil cooler mounts to the subframe and the lower bumper mount.  There are custom plastic panels used to help improve efficiency by closing around the oil cooler.  With our TDR intercooler setups, we replace the front cowling with new side panels.  This panel can be optioned as a deflector.

NOTE: This kit is not compatible with fog lights. You will have to remove them for additional clearance but the opening will provide increased airflow to the oil cooler.  If you have the stock radiator shroud, you will need to drill or cut a hole to move air toward the oil cooler.

How durable is this kit?

The oil cooler is a rugged design and potential damage from rocks and such are unlikely.  We have years of testing this location on street and track applications with no damages from debris.  We use these setups mainly for track use so winter use is usually not an issue.  If you are concerned with winter use, we recommend installing an inline oil thermostat. or selecting one of the built-in thermostat sandwich plates.  

TDR Oil Cooler NB
What can I expect?

It is common to see around 25°F lower temperatures in the engine oil which in turn will lower the water temperatures as well.

NOTE for 90-93 1.6 Miatas:         NEW!

Now the NA1 90-93 can enjoy cooler engine temperature with the addtion of the TDR Engine Oil Cooler Kit.  Retains the stock 1.6 oil filter stud.
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94-05 Enigne Oil Cooler Instructions

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Product Reviews

(2 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Oil Temps significantly reduced. ~50 degrees
Jacob Bafia (Klamath Falls, OR) 5/14/2021 3:12 PM
I installed this oil cooler on my 1990 turbo 1.6 Miata. I'm on 15psi with a Flyin' Miata kit. I do everything with this car, street, autocross, and lots of backroad driving. I have an oil temp sensor in my oil pan next to the oil drain bolt. On long backroads or up canyon roads I was getting up to 280 degree oil temps extremely quickly on 80 degree days. And over the mountain pass I take to go to my nearest autocross events every month, I couldn't go over 60mph without the oil temp skyrocketing up past 275. When I installing this kit I installed a used 1.8 Miata oil cooler/warmer at the same time. The install was difficult for me because I had to trim the ducting panels and my undertray significantly to fit around the FM intercooler piping. The actual install of the cooler was not difficult. I only had issues with the Glowshift sandwich plate leaking at the fittings. Which was solved by uninstalling the sandwich plate and redoing the thread sealant and cranking down on the fittings to get a couple more npt threads to engage. After the install I went for a drive over the same mountain pass I mentioned earlier and was able to cruise at 75mph with the oil temps only getting up to 225 degrees max. I am excited to see how it cools at my next autocross event and on some long canyon runs. Also, without the thermostat in the sandwich plate I did notice the oil took a while to get up to temp even just when parked, but this is not a big deal for me.

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