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When choosing a radiator for your Miata there are many high performance models that are popular, In normally aspirated applications most of these would be a good improvement over stock. Some manufacturers also makes a larger and deeper radiators, but we do not recommend it for any Miata application due to its size and weight. For high performance applications such as Superchargers and Turbos the TDR radiator has outstanding features over many other brands and makes it our recommended choice for high performance radiators.

Below are a few of the key outstanding features of the TDR high performance radiator: 
  • Better Heat Transfer - 9 cooling fins per sq. in. 
  • Larger Front Core – .625" taller core for increased cooling efficiency
  • Larger Capacity – 1.588" deep
  • Flat top design for better clearance with TDR intercooler pipes 
  • Shorter Fan Mounting Post – .500"  for more efficient fan cooling
  • 16 lb. High Performance Radiator Cap – TDR supplied, extra with many other radiators
  • TDR Air-to-Air Intercooler Approved for all year models – (required for '90-97 models)

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