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Racing Beat Type II Nose for 90-97 Miata

Price: $618.00 Call for shipping quote
Item Number: RB-57104
Manufacturer: Racing Beat
Racing Beat Logo Type II Nose
1990-1997 Miata

Racing Beat's Type II Nose Kit for the 1990-97 Miata has proven to be one of the most popular replacement nose kits on the market. As stated by Sport Compact Car Magazine back in the April, 2000 issue, "Racing Beat's Miatas have set the standard in Miata aesthetics for the last ten years. Clean, uncluttered and purposeful, the cars retain Miata character, yet add some necessary attitude."

The Type II Miata Nose Kit presents an even stronger, more aggressive, statement in improving the factory lines of your Miata. The Type II Nose Kit replaces the stock nosepiece, and while it requires additional installation effort, as compared to the Type I Nose Kit, the results are well worth it! Utilizing the stock mounting points and hardware, this nose kit easily replaces the stock nose and incorporates functional openings for improved airflow. Manufactured from hand-laid fiberglass and easily prepped for final painting, the nose will need to be fitted to your particular chassis.

Racing Beat Type II Nose

This has proven to be an extremely popular item over the years and offers a perfect replacement for a damaged factory nose.

We strongly suggest ordering our TDR Splitter for Racing Beat Type II Nose to protect your investment from curbs and speed bumps.

Racing Beat Type II from head on

NOTE: This item is drop-shipped from the manufacturer.  Due to the size of this nose kit, this part cannot be shipped by UPS and must be sent via truck freight. Even though this part is relatively lightweight, this box is considered oversized. If you are considering purchasing any other large fiberglass components, i.e. side skirts, rear wing, deck cover, we can add these parts to the box and add no additional shipping expense. Contact us for a shipping quote.

Frequently Asked Questions
Racing Beat Body Kits and Components

Where are Racing Beat body components designed and manufactured?

All of the Racing Beat components are manufactured in the United States. Over the years they have used a variety of sources to assist them with the various designs of their products. They typically design and model the original prototype units in-house using concept drawings from noted automotive designers.

Why do you use fiberglass, and not urethane?

Racing Beat has used fiberglass for many years with great success! Yes, fiberglass may be more "fragile" as compared to urethane, particularly for a nose kit, but this has not seemed to be an issue with our customers over the years. Racing Beat nose kits are designed with adequate ground clearance in mind in order to minimize contact and potential damage. If the car is lowered, extra care and consideration should be given when navigating driveways, bumps, etc... Although they have considered using urethane, the high cost of tooling makes this process impractical for low volume, specialty production.  Again, TDR strongly suggests ordering our TDR Splitter for Racing Beat Type II Nose to protect your investment from curbs and speed bumps.

Can I order my body component painted to match my car?

We strongly suggest that ALL body parts be fitted to your car prior to painting. Fitment issues must be addressed during the fitting stage, NOT after the part has been painted. It is common that a small amount of detail sanding, and or filling is required to custom fit each component to your unique chassis. Once this fitting is accomplished, painting can be undertaken. Take note, a "painted" item cannot be returned to Racing Beat in the event of a problem. If a problem should arise that requires the part to be returned to Racing Beat for warranty consideration, an "unpainted" part will be sent as a replacement.

Color matching can be a difficult and challenging task. By allowing your auto body paint shop to blend the color of your car, you are assured of an "exact " color match. With exposure to the sun and elements, color matching a body component to an older car becomes even more difficult, making the skills of a qualified paint shop even more critical.

Do the Racing Beat parts require any special parts or skills to install?

Parts such as wings are relatively easy to install and can be installed if you are comfortable using a power drill and handtools. We typically provide either a template or drilling guides to assist with the alignment and drilling. Side skirts and fairings require special fitting to assure an integrated appearance and require a greater level of skill to install. Some people take the extra steps of using body filler to blend the side sills into the car to provide a completely seamless look. Nose kits and bumpers may seem imposing, but they can be relatively easy to remove and install. These parts require removal of factory installed mounting brackets, and reinstallation on the new nose or bumper. Racing Beat components use the factory mounting points to firmly attach your new part to the car. We suggest you obtain a copy of the Mazda workshop manual, an aftermarket manual, or consult with an auto body/paint shop in order to determine the level of complexity of your specific project.

How much will it cost to ship my parts?

It depends on the shipping location, we suggest you contact us for an exact freight quote. Although body components are relatively lightweight, they require VERY large boxes and must be shipped as dimensional weight by truck freight. For this reason, we suggest maximizing your shipment and combine as many body components in the box as possible! If you are purchasing a nose kit, it might make sense to include a set of side skirts or a wing at the same time, the shipping costs will not increase significantly for these additional components.

Truck freight can be used for delivery to the continental US and Canada. For delivery to addresses outside the continental United States, contact us for alternate delivery methods and freight quotes.

Can I have the parts shipped to my body shop?

If payment for your order is being made by credit card, then we MUST ship the parts to the BILLING address for the credit card that is used. If you would like the parts to be shipped to your body shop, you can deliver them personally, or arrange to have the parts purchased by your body shop for direct delivery. Typically, body shops are to willing to purchase these parts for direct delivery; ask your body shop to contact Track Dog Racing for pricing and delivery.

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