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Racing Beat Rear Sway Bar for 90-15 MX5 Miata

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Manufacturer: Racing Beat

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Rear Sway Bar
1990-2015 Miata MX-5
Rear Sway Bar
1990-2015 Miata MX-5

The Racing Beat solid Miata rear sway bar is ideally matched to perform with our wide selection of front sway bars. While the Racing Beat solid rear bar can be fitted on any 1990-2005 Miata application, we do not recommend the use of this bar on the 2001-05 Miata models. Our testing has shown that the 2001-05 Miata exhibits low-speed oversteer that can be corrected by the addition of only a larger front sway bar. For the 2001-05 Miata application we recommend our 1.25" front Miata tubular sway bar. We have found that the use of this larger front sway bar offers a more "balanced" handling characteristic for this particular chassis.

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Racing Beat has refined 40 years of racing experience and undisputed successes into the design of our Miata suspension components. 

The addition of a set of matched-set front and rear solid sway bars is an ideal way to dramatically improve the handling of your Miata without sacrificing ride overall ride quality. If you use your Miata primarily as a daily driven car with occasional trips to the track or your favorite mountain road, the solid bar combination is well-suited for your needs.

Specifications 1990-2000

The diameter of the Racing Beat rear bar is 5/8" (16mm), and weighs 3.5 lbs. (Stock comparison: 11 or 12 mm, diameter, 2.2 lbs.) and features two (2) endlink attachment holes. Each sway bar is supplied with replacement urethane bushings, lateral bar stopper bushings, Prothane grease, and detailed installation instructions.

NOTE for 2001-2005 Miata:

Testing has shown that each model of 2001 Miata that we have driven has shown a tendency to power "oversteer" at low speeds. (The models tested include a base model with a 5-speed transmission, a LS model equipped with the 6-speed transmission and Sport Suspension package, and the LS model equipped with replacement KONI shocks.) Each car exhibited a tendency to oversteer at low speeds (under 40MPH) upon acceleration. Inquires with Mazda have failed to identify any specific changes to the 2001+ Miata chassis that might account for this handling trait.

As a result, these findings led Racing Beat to develop an even larger front tubular sway bar for the 2001-05 Miata. The use of this larger bar (and retaining the stock rear bar) has neutralized most of this oversteer condition at low speeds, and allowed the Miata to exhibit a small amount of understeer at higher speeds. The use of the Racing Beat rear sway bar would negate the benefits this larger bar, and is not recommended.

Specifications 2006-2015

The Racing Beat Tubular MX-5 Rear Sway Bar, weighing only 5 lbs, is manufactured using .75" OD (19mm) x 3/32-inch wall, 4130 chrome-moly tubular steel, as compared to the .43" OD (11mm) Mazda stock sway bar (or 12mm Sport Suspension bar). As calcuated by Racing Beat, this bar is 6.2 times stiffer than the 11mm stock bar and 4.4 times as stiff as the 12mm bar. The Racing Beat Tubular MX-5 Rear Sway Bar is designed with two (2) endlink mounting positions and is finished with a distinctive, red powder coating, providing a smooth, glossy protective layer. Racing Beat sway bars are supplied with urethane bushings, Prothane bushing grease, and detailed installation instructions.

These Racing Beat sway bars feature a pair of urethane Stopper Bushings, secured with band clamp retainers, serving as a preventative device against lateral movement of the sway bar during hard cornering. This simple and effective Stopper Bushing method effectively replicates the method used by Mazda on the stock bar.

Final Notes

When adding high performance suspension components to any vehicle, the result is an increased demand on the vehicle's stock components. We have designed these high performance sway bar components to complement and further enhance your vehicle's performance. We strongly recommend you consider your specific driving requirements when upgrading your vehicle's suspension and select components accordingly.

Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc. Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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