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Track Dog Racing's Rotrex Kit Development News

We have some exciting news!  We installed a C30-94 kit on our Operations Manager, William's Miata and
 have been running 15psi from a C30-94 since last February on a stock BP4W block (1999-2000 engine).  The only modification we’ve made is replacing the factory head bolts with ARP head studs to prevent lifting the head gasket with the 15psi of boost.  The car is a street driven car that occasionally sees the track.  Last September we took it to Hallett Motor Speedway in Oklahoma for two days and beat up on it.  It not only ran brilliantly at the track on a 90+ degree day but it never got hot.  Water temps were 210 degrees with a Coolant Reroute and our TDR Radiator with stock fans.  The car then drove 5+ hours home back to Texas.  It also has full A/C and power steering.  

Checker with Rotrex Checker on the Track Checker's Engine


More details on the car: 

Here is our dyno chart.  315 rwhp / 225 tq on a STOCK ENGINE!!!

Checker's Dyno


So you may ask, how is this a safe power level?  We always hear and know from experience, that the 1.8 stock engines are good for about 250 hp.  More accurately, they're good for about 250 torque.  Torque is what breaks things and why big stump-pulling trucks have lots of torque.  If you notice on the dyno chart above, our max torque is 226.  Below our "danger" threshold of 250.  You'll also notice how the TDR Rotrex delivers the power.  Unlike a turbo or even our older MP62 blowers, the power delivery is very linear.  There is no large peak or spike.  This means power delivery is predictable and easy on the drive train.  A Rotrex powered Miata retains the same peaky power curve as a stock Miata, only with gobs more power.  It's almost like having a larger engine.  It's a hoot to drive but you still need to wind it out to get the most power.  In comparison a typical turbo Miata will pull harder in the lower RPM but this surge of power means it's harder on the drive train.  Both good solutions for making a Miata fast and fun.  We just feel the TDR Rotrex retains the Miata's character and reliability while adding what was lacking which is more power!!!! 

What does this all mean?  Well, it means a TDR Rotrex kit can produce a lot more HP than we ever thought was possible on a stock engine.  It also means, you can make lots of power in a Miata without necessarily rebuilding the motor with forged internals.  

Still want a built motor for extra security?  If you have plans to rebuild the engine then we can offer recommendations on that as well.  TDR can build you an engine or provide you parts and recommendations to build one yourself.  We only use and recommend quality components to provide reliable results.  

Is the TDR Rotrex right for everyone?  No.  Not everyone has the same expectations, goals or budget.  This kit is not torquey.  It is not a redlight to redlight killer that will roast your tires like a big V8 or even many turbo Miatas.  It is not a "cheap eBay kit" with questionable quality, little to no instructions and questionable reliability.  There's an age old saying, You can have it fast, reliable and cheap.  Pick two.  If your answers are fast and reliable, keep reading.  

Is the TDR Rotrex right for you?  If you like the way your Miata drives but just wish it had more power, TDR can work with you on a kit that will work for your requirements.  If you want a simple solution you can install in a couple of weekends that will pass federal emissions, retain the stock reliability and double the rear wheel horse power, our standard kit with our PnP engine management will do the trick.  If you want to go beyond that, nearly triple the horsepower and have features like Flex Fuel capability with E-85, stand-alone ECU to add even more boost and even two-step to annoy your neighbors, we can do that as well.  The kit is also completely upgradable from our standard kit to "skies the limit".  

So you decided this is the kit for you and want to know how to proceed?  Unlike most vendors who just box a single kit and ship it out, TDR works with each customer on an individual basis.  We assess your requirements, discuss what modifications you may have already done and work with you to assemble a kit that meets your goals.  The best option is to Contact us to order.  Want to discuss the kit in more detail, call or email us!  You'll talk to an employee knowledgeble in all things Miata.  We all own Miatas ourselves!  Our recommendations come from personal experience as we test all the products we sell.    


We wanted to update you with the latest stats on our supercharger kit as will as provide answers to some commonly asked questions.  If you are considering a TDR Rorex Supercharger this post has the most up-to-date information. 

The TDR Rotrex now comes standard with the C30-94 supercharger for all model years.  This provides you with the most potential horsepower.  We detune it to 10/11 psi with a larger supercharger pulley for our standard kit which uses our TDR Fuel and Timing Cards.  The limiting factor of this setup is the fueling while retaining the stock ECU.  If you want to run a stand-alone ECU like a megasquirt we can up the boost to 15 psi.  Forged engine internals are recommended as well for anything above 10/11 psi but we are testing a stock block at 15 to see how it does.   

The standard kit includes the following: (Actual specifications can vary depending on model year.)  

Track Dog Racing Rotrex supercharger kit.  To include the C30-94 supercharger, oil cooler, reservoir, supercharger mount and tensioner, Custom TDR SC pulley, Air to air intercooler setup, TDR Fuel and Timing Control plug-and-play, (Fuel only on 1990-1993 and $200 less) Custom Deatschwerks fuel injectors, Deatschwerks DW 200 fuel pump and kit, custom intake hose and filter for MAF setup, BOV and silicone hose setup, oil catch can, TDR header heat shield, hood lift kit and comprehensive full color instructions with photos. 

Price: $4999.00

We can customize this kit to add or remove various components to suite your needs.  Contact us for a custom quote.  A common modification is the kit without any fuel managment for those with a stand-alone ECU or switching from another boosted kit and already have larger injectors and ECU. 

We also recommend several upgrades for most people that are not included in the kit.  The most obvious is upgrading the clutch.  This is an essential requirement as the stock clutch will not hold up to double the horsepower it was intended for.  The one we recommend for most applications is the 
SPEC-451-FLY Track Dog Racing Spec Stage 1 organic clutch, 230 ft/lbs with Chromoly light-weight flywheel and SS clutch line. 

While doing a clutch, it is a great time for other upgrades like the MAZ-MSMM MAZDASPEED motor mounts, a Racing Beat header and a MAZ-TSEAL Genuine Mazda 90-05 Miata Transmission Seal Kit.  
Other recomendations include our TDR-RADA-NA TDR Aluminum Race Radiator and a wideband AFR gauge and boost gauge.  For warmer climates or track applications we also recommend a MT-CRK M-Tuned Coolant reroute kit and our TDR-OCLR TDR Engine Oil Cooler Kit for 90-05 Miata.

As always, contact us if you have any questions.  If you are interested in ordering a kit, contact us by email or phone to get the process going. 


The TDR Rotrex is for sale.  We have sold over 60 kits.  Most of them have sold in the USA but we have also sold kits all over the world including Australia, United Kingdom and even Hungary.  They have been installed on daily driver Miatas to dedicated track cars and everything in between.  We even have a customer who has installed one on a Lotus 7 replica running a Miata drivetrain. (see below)  We can sell you a complete kit or assemble a custom kit to your requirements. 
Contact us to order.  

Lotus 7 with TDR Rotrex from front Lotus 7 with TDR Rotrex from side
Lotus 7 with TDR Rotrex from side detail view Lotus 7 with TDR Rotrex from front detail view


We have not advertised on the website our kit availability as we want to start slow on delivering kits.  However, those that contact us by phone or email can order a kit immediately.  Here is a quote on a complete TDR Rotrex kit.  If you have special needs for your setup, please let us know.  We have also added a couple of common items that a lot of our customer purchase at the same time.  Shipping takes 1-2 weeks on average.


Track Dog Racing STREET Rotrex supercharger kit.   Includes the C30-84 supercharger, oil cooler, reservoir, supercharger mount and tensioner, 80 mm SC pulley, intercooler setup, TDR Fuel and Timing Control plug-and-play, upgraded 335 cc fuel injectors, fuel pump and kit, intake kit with silicone hose and K&N filter for MAF setup, BOV and silicone hose setup, catch can, header heat shield, hood struts and comprehensive instructions.

Price: $4900.00  (Shipping in contiguous US will be around $100 depending on location.)

TDR all aluminum radiator 

Price: $279.00

Coolant reroute kit

Price: $328.00


We have started shipping a few kits to some of the early adopters that have stayed patient with us over the years of development.  We are workling on getting the shipping process down.  We have check lists to make sure every nut and bolt is included and we are working on getting the packaging as efficient as possible.  While we were getting everything together we realized we ran out of the TDR NB top radiator covers.  We've had to go with a new manufacturer on these and so this will sadly be another delay for the NB kits.  Maybe 3-4 weeks.  Arghhh!  

I wanted to provide everyone with a behind the scenes look at some of the work we have been doing to get organized.  
Rotrex Manual Pallet of Rotrex Superchargers Parts Shelves
This is the installation manual for each kit.  Full color photos and comes bound like a book. We will also be including a USB drive with pdf files of every page. 
We received a pallet of Rotrex Supercharges the other day. This is the new shelving unit we installed to organize all the parts. Every nut, bolt and bracket has its own bin.  We also have some preassembled hardware kits to make it easier to assemble a kit to ship out.  
 Even though its only a few photos, you can see there is a lot going on to make a kit with the level of quality and detail that we wanted  Once we get the kit assembly and shipping kinks worked out and we get this kit in a few people's Miatas, I think you will see it was worth the wait.  The kit is not on our website yet.  We want to make sure we have everything to ship new orders in a timely manner.

One of our early adopters, Kent H. is documenting his experience on  Check it out.  

The Complete TDR Rotrex Street Supercharger system will come standard with the following.
  • Rotrex C30-84 blower with 80mm 4-rib pulley
  • Auto tensioner supercharger mounting system
  • TDR air to air front mount intercooler
  • TDR custom radiator air flow panels
  • Stainless steel intercooler piping
  • Custom silicone hoses including a cold air intake system with K&N filter
  • Custom fender mounted supercharger oil cooler setup 
  • Supercharger oil reservoir with hoses and fittings
  • TDR Insulated Header Heat Shield
  • TDR oil catch can system
  • TDR plug and play fuel and timing card engine management
  • TDR custom fuel injectors
  • Walbro 190lph fuel pump and strainer kit
  • NGK Spark plugs
  • TDR polished dual hood lift kit

Pricing for the 94-05 kit is set at $4900.00.  The 90-93 kit will be $4800.00

We will work with customers on custom setups as needed.  We will also be offering a track setup for cars with built motors and without A/C and power steering.  It uses the folowing in place of the street setup.

  • C30-94 blower
  • TDR 6-Rib belt setup with 6-Rib supercharger and crank pulleys
  • MegaSquirt 2 PnP ECU

Pricing for the track setup will be announced at a later date along with dyno charts. 


We are going to release the 90-97 model first in the next few weeks.  We are working on parts inventory and kit component packaging now.  We are waiting on a new silicone hose design on the 99-05 model.  The NB kit should be ready to ship early spring. 


We have compiled our dyno charts giving you a good comparison between a ’92, ’96 and a ’99 model using our TDR Rotrex supercharger setups.  We use the industry standard DynoJet for all of our dyno power information.  The power level of your car with a similar setup may be more or less than these charts listed below.  All figures in the charts below are not a guarantee, but a suggested output you might see in a similar installation.     

TDR C30-74 Rotrex for 1990-1993 1.6L

The first chart we have is from our 1992 sunburst yellow.  It has the original motor with 98k miles and has never been opened since Mazda assembled it 23 years ago!  Exhaust setup is all Racing Beat including the header, mid-pipe and dual exhaust.  The clutch is our Spec Stage 2+ clutch with aluminum flywheel.  For fuel management we use the TDR Fuel Card and Deatch Werks 310 injectors on 93 octane pump gas.  We did not include separate timing control for the 90-93 model, instead we retard the Cam Angle Sensor (CAS) 3 degree from a base of 10 degrees.  For 91 octane customers, we suggest 4 degrees retard.  It has a completely functional A/C system and does not have any idle issues compared to the older style supercharger kits.  Power delivery is linear, increasing with every RPM all the way to red line.  See the nice torque curve on the dyno chart, the power does not drop off.  Gauges are from Innovate and include an Innovate DB Wideband Gaugewater temp and boost gauge all installed into a DDM Works gauge panel.

1990-1993 TDR Rotrex Dyno Chart

The Base Line dyno for the stock 1.6L we had was from an earlier dyno run and did not match up to our current dyno charts.  However, the power readings on the chart are what we would have expected from a stock 1.6L engine.   Our standard setup uses the 85 mm pulley and produces 205 RWHP at 12 PSI.  This power delivery will be easy on the drive train and reliable as any other component on your car.  Our upgrade boost uses the 80 mm pulley that produces 215 RWHP at 13 PSI.  For the occasional track day, keep the boost lower for reliability.  

TDR C30-84 Rotrex for 1994-1997 1.8L

The second chart is from a customer’s 1996 with 117k on what we believe to also be the original motor.  Exhaust setup is all Racing Beat including the headermid-pipe and exhaust.  Clutch is our Spec Stage 2+ clutch and aluminum flywheel.  Our standard fuel and timing management is the piggy-back TDR PNP Fuel  and Timing Card with Deatch Werks 335 injectors on 93 octane pump gas.  It has a completely functional A/C system and does not have any idle issues compared to the older style supercharger kits.  Power delivery is linear, increasing with every RPM all the way to red line.  See the nice torque curve on the dyno chart, the power does not drop off.   When you look at the torque curve on the dyno chart you can see the nice increase in torque that you can feel.  Gauges include the Innovate MTX-L Wideband Gauge and Marshall water temp and boost gauges all installed into a  DDM Works gauge panel

1994-1997 TDR Rotrex Dyno Chart

Compared to the ’92 1.6L engine, we saw an increase of 17 HP with the 94-97 1.8L engine.  Our standard setup uses the 85 mm pulley and produces 222 RWHP at 11 PSI.  This power delivery will be easy on the drive train and reliable as any other component on your car.  Our upgrade boost uses the 80 mm pulley that produces 230 RWHP at 13 PSI.  For the occasional track day, keep the boost lower for reliability. 

TDR C30-84 Rotrex for 1999-2000 1.8L

The third chart is from a customer’s 1999 with 25k on the original motor.   The exhaust uses a Racing Beat header, RoadsterSport federal mid-pipe and Racing Beat muffler.  Clutch is our Spec Stage 2+ clutch and aluminum flywheel.  Fuel and timing management uses our piggy-back TDR PNP Fuel and Timing Card with Deatch Werks 335 injectors on 93 octane pump gas.  It has a completely functional A/C system and does not have any idle issues compared to the older style supercharger kits.  Power delivery is linear, increasing with every RPM all the way to redline.  The 99-00 models have a better breathing head than the 94-97 model.  With the same pulley arrangement, the 99-00 model had an additional 17 HP with 1 PSI lower boost.  For this reason, we use the 99-00 engine in our fully built high horsepower setups.  For gauges we are using a single A-Pillar gauge pod with an Innovate PSB-1 Boost and Air Fuel Gauge.  This is a good way to use one gauge opening with two functions.

1999-2000 TDR Rotrex Dyno Chart

Compared to the ’94-97 1.8L engine, we saw an increase of 17 HP with the ‘99-00 1.8L engine.  Our standard setup uses the 80 mm pulley and produces 239 RWHP at 10 PSI.  This power delivery will be easy on the drive train and reliable as any other component on your car.  Our upgrade boost uses the 75 mm pulley that produces 249 RWHP at 11 PSI.  For the occasional track day, keep the boost lower for reliability.

On all the dyno charts you'll notice a nice linear HP and Torque curve that pulls straight to red line.  I know it's been a long time coming, but we want it to be right the first time.  We've strived for perfection and I think we've come very close.  All the reliability and ease of use you are used to but with a lot more HP!  

We are redesigning two of the supercharger inlet silicone hoses that are going into production now.  When these are available we will be complete with the kit and the instructions.  We appreciate your patience, but good things come to those who wait.  Turbo power is so yesterday!


We are closer than ever!  The injectors are working well but we are fine-tuning the size for the most efficiency.  We are running
335cc injectors and want to try 350cc to see if we can get a bit closer to our ideal AFR with our Fuel and Timing cards.  Waiting on DeatschWerks to get us the injectors.  Here are some pictures of two customer cars we've installed our kit on.  Dyno charts will be forthcoming
once we find the ideal injector size.

Rotrex on 1996
1994-1997 TDR Rotrex Kit
Rotrex on 1999
1999-2005 TDR Rotrex Kit

Here is another cool little thing.  Our extremely thorough instructions will be installed on these TDR USB Drives and supplied with every kit. 

TDR USB Drives

We are also gathering all the parts for the release.  Here are some of the items we've been gathering up.

Rotrex Parts Bins
Supersharger Brackets
Intercooler Pipes
Intercooler Pipes


We are disappointed on how long it has taking to release our kit.  We have had several in service for 2 years now so we are complete on the build.  The holdup has been the instructions which we are very thorough and want to be right the first time.  Also we are making a change in the injectors and waiting for our next samples to come in to test.  Our supplier changed the injectors on us and we did not notice this until we were having idle issues.  We have a few sets coming end the end of this week to test.  We have a 99 and a 94 car in the shop awaiting the injectors and then I think we are complete.  Finger crossed!


Perfection takes too much time.  As we have said before, we are already installing these kits locally.  We have a 99 Miata that was shipped to us from the Northeast that we are using right now to check our instructions.  We've found several errors because you catch things while working on it that aren't as obvious when just proof reading the instructions.  Now we are concerned about the 90-97 instructions and have a customer lined up right after we finish this install to test those instructions out as well.  

Why are we being so nitpicky?  Well for one, liability.  This is the first supercharger kit we have developed from scratch.  The other kits were from Moss.  As this will be "our" kit we want to be assured we don't have anything in the instructions or not in the instructions that could cause someone to damage their engine.  To put it in more simplified terms, we want to make it idiot proof.  This is much harder than it sounds and once these instructions are complete, they should be so thorough that anyone who can read English could install it.  

Nitpicky takes a lot of time.  Each set of instructions is about 80-90 pages at last count.  They include full color photos for every step.  We have expanded the instructions to include how to install and program our fuel and timing cards, How to install the intercooler, remote oil cooler, injectors, the fuel pump, etc As I said, they will be thorough with nothing left to the imagination. 

So, now to answer the question about how little updates there have been.  TDR is a small operation, four employees.  We have an owner, a Office Manager, a Shop Manager and a Mechanic.  We have a full service Miata shop that stays constantly busy serving the needs of Miata owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We also have an ecommerce website that sells and ships all over the world. There's inventory, billing, parts production and the other daily duties of running a small company.  On top of sales and tech support calls (which we love taking) and the occasional walk-in customer (which we also enjoy!) we stay pretty busy. 

We are not trying to make excuses but explain what is going on behind the scenes.  We encourage anyone with questions or concerns to let us know.  We love Miatas. We love making them faster.  We love interacting with our customer and serving their automotive needs.  We’re working as fast as we can.  I can tell you, our supercharger kit is way faster than we are. ;-) 


This has been taking much longer than expected and for that we apologize.  We just want to make the kit perfect as our customers have come to expect and this takes time.  When we designed our intercooler, TDR was a small operation run out of Gary's garage.  Years later, we have grown and the day to day operations have taken time away from development as well.  

The most time consuming part are the instructions.  We want to make the instructions easy enough for even a novice home mechanic to install.  This requires taking photos, taking more photos, editing the photos for size and format, writing step by step instuctions and trying to explain ever step so as to not confuse anyone.  We often have to go back to get more photos as we realize something may not be clear to the end user.  We know these cars inside and out.  It's easy to skip steps that are obvious to us but may not be as obvious to someone new to the Miata or to working on cars in general.  

We have also been testing the setup on both the street and the track and results have been fantastic.  "Woodstock" is our 92 Yellow with stock 1.6 motor running our street setup with the TDR Fuel Card.  Daily reliability has been fantastic with no idle issues even when running the A/C in the Texas heat.  "Big Bird", our 96 Yellow with the beastly motor and C30-94 Rotrex supercharger using MegaSquirt PnP2 and the M-Tuned Coolant Reroute Kit has been faultless at several track events.  

As of this posting, the 90-97 instructions are 90% complete.  The 99-05 instructions are about halfway done but we expect much of the 90-97 instructions will transfer over.  We can install a kit today for local customers and we have.  The hold up has been instructions since any kit we sell online will need them.  Below is a photo of a local install on a 96 with stock motor.  Starting price range will be around the $4200 range with intercooler.

We plan to reveal both cars at the Texas Miata Round-up at Eaglaes Canyon Raceway on October 24th, 2014.  We will provide rides and drives to potential customers so you can see first hand how great this kit is.  

We hope to see you there.  If not, please know the kit is coming soon!  We appreciate your patience as we finalize the details. 

Customer's 94-97 Miata with Rotrex Supercharger and TDR Intercooler


Sorry for the delay but we have been busy working with the kit on some NA and NB Miata to finalize fitment with our new brackets and also working with our various vendors to make sure everything we are replicating is correct.  We are working on thorough instructions with photos and waiting for some custom formed silicone hoses for the kit.  We are closer than ever folks and appreciate your patience.  

Here are some more photos to give you a sneal peak and our close to final design. 

Rotrex Bracket Raw

Here is the new bracket unfinished.  You'll notice the reinforcing bracket at the top.  

Rotrex Bracket Raw Back

Here is another photo of the reinforced bracket.  It ties into the location of the factory engine hook so it's a strong location.  

TDR Rotrex Bracket

TDR Rotrex Bracket finished

Here you can see the final design.  Notice the flush hardware.  You can also see our TDR pulley. We will be offering different pulley sizes customizable with your kit purchase.  Most likely the standard pulley will be 85mm (Shown) which is around 10-12lbs of boost depending on the application.  We decided to black-out the tensioner as well because it stood out like a sore thumb.   

Rotrex Bracket Back Final

Here is another photo of the reinforcing bracket with the black anodized finish.

Oil Cooler Duct for Rotrex on Miata

To the driver's side of the intercooler we have an air duct. 

TDR Rotrex Duct to Oil Cooler

Upon closer inspection the duct directs air into the Rotex oil cooler.

Oil Cooler mount

Here you can see our larger oil cooler for the Rotrex unit.  This will be standard with our kit.  Since we relocated the Rotrex oil cooler to the exhaust side, we are using shorter lines.  This means we are able to use a more efficient and larger capacity oil cooler.

So this is where we are.  We are waiting to get our custom silicone hoses and have to finalize our instructions.  We will be offering everything a la cart so it can work with items you may already have.  For example, engine management will be optional.  If you already have a MegaSquirt or another engine management application, our kit will be able to work with what you have.  We will also offer our TDR Fuel Card or Megasquirt as options. 

We will be able to work with each individual customer to design a system that fits their needs.   


We have another R & D setup on a 92 1.6 Miata and been putting in some miles to see if we have any issues to address and good news is, we did it right the first time! As we mentioned earlier, we have decided to make our own SC mount and this weekend we are installing the first machined part to check for alignment. We are beefing up our mount with a large upper mount and an optional P/S delete replacement support. A lot of our customers are track day customers and do not use P/S or A/C so we are designing the setup to work with both the 4-rib and the 6-rib configuration. 4-rib setups are able to work with or without P/S and A/C. We made a lower crank pulley for the 6-rib setup. The SC has an 8-rib pulley so that works in both 4 and 6-rib applications. To convert to the 6-rib you would need to eliminate the P/S and A/C and add the crank pulley.

Our plan is to write up instructions, the time consuming part starting in about 2 weeks. We can sell a kit today, we just don’t have complete instructions. However, you really don’t need a lot of paperwork to install the kit. We will use the Skunk mount if a kit was ordered today. All of the other components are our design.

Driving impressions: This setup is like driving a stock factory car, it starts and idles normal, A/C idles normal and just has more power all the way to redline. Here is what we estimate for different STREET models running around 10 PSI.

90-93 Miata around 190 RWHP
94-97 Miata around 205 RWHP
99-00 Miata around 215 RWHP
01-05 Miata around 200 RWHP


We are developing our own TDR ROTREX Supercharger System with three levels, Base, Street and Track and will be available for all 90-05 Miatas. We will include TDR electronic fuel card and timing card for low to mid boost levels on the Base and Street levels. Higher boost and track applications will use optional fuel and timing management like the Mega Squirt for 90-00 Miatas or Greddy Emanage for 01-05 Miatas and or if you need to keep it OBDII emissions compliant. There are no plans for CARB certification.

Any kit can be upgraded as you go. The TDR I/C will be included in the Street and Track versions and can be used for both street and track applications. The Track version uses the C30-94 Rotrex. Our 96R with this S/C has around 320 RWHP at 19 PSI. We use Mega Squirt for fuel management. This option requires a built motor which we can also provide.

The Base and Street will be using the smaller C30-74 Rotrex unit. This unit was capable of 225 RWHP at 12 PSI on a 99-00 model we did a while back.

We are not far off on having our kit, but we need to take more pictures and write up the installation instructions. We are also in the process of developing our own S/C mounting system. Our new TDR S/C mount uses a 4-rib setup for the Base and Street option and allows for P/S and A/C. The same bracket also uses a 6-rib for the Track option if P/S and A/C are eliminated. This will also require a TDR 6-rib crank pulley.

We wish it was not taking so long to develop, but good things come to those who wait. We are finishing up our brackets for the oil cooler which will be behind the front bumper on the driver’s side, oil reservoir bracket and our own heavy-duty SC mount. The kit is not going to be difficult to install. Drivability will be good with good idle control even with A/C.

We expect the Base setup will be around $3300. The Street option, around $4600. The Track version will likely come in less at around $4300 but will not include fuel management or injectors. All these kits will bring worthwhile improvements along with the outstanding quality you expect from us.

Rotrex 1.8 Kit with TDR Intercooler

This is the 1.8 Kit with our TDR I/C which will be standard on the Street and Track versions

TDR Radical Splitter for the Racing Beat Type II Nose

You can also see our new Radical Splitter for the Racing Beat Type II Nose.

Two different TDR Rotrex units C30-74 C30-94

Two different Rotrex units will be available depending on your desired power level. The C30-74 for the Base and Street versions is on the left and the C30-94 for the Track version is on the right.

TDR K&N Intake for Rotrex Miata

Free Flow K&N Intake with heat resistant silicone tubing will be standard.

Mock-up of TDR Rotrex bracket

Close up of our mock-up S/C bracket. It will have additional bracing for durability and strength.

6-Rib TDR Rotrex setup for Miata

6-Rib Track version will be an option with power steering and A/C delete.

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