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Rotrex Supercharger Traction Fluid Kit

Price: From $35.00 to $160.00
Manufacturer: Track Dog Racing

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Traction Fluid Replacement Kit

TDR Rotrex Superchargers

We recommend that you replace the traction fluid and filter in your Rotrex supercharger every 3 years or 30,000 miles -- or once a year if you are pushing the supercharger beyond stock recommendations (higher boost or extended track usage). Kit includes one liter of Rotrex Traction Fluid and new filter. You can also purchase the items seperately.  
Supercharger Oil Kit

SAFETY NOTE: We strongly recommend wearing oil resistence gloves to avoid the Rotrex oil from contacting your skin.

Oil Filter:

  1. Remove large oil filter clamp holding filter down.

  2. Pinch clamp each line on either end of the oil filter.  

  3. Remove oil filter hose clamps. 

  4. Note direction of oil flow on filter. 

  5. Remove old oil filter. (It's going to make a mess) 

  6. Install new oil filter. Verify flow direction is correct. (flowing away from reservoir) Reinstall in reverse order. 

Rotrex Oil: 

TOP TIP: This job is easier with two people so one person can start and shut down engine.

  1. Top off Rotrex oil reservoir with new oil.  

  2. Remove the return line (top line on reservoir) and place it in your drain bucket.

  3. Start engine. 

  4. Start adding Rotrex oil to reservoir as it is pumped out from return line into the drain bucket.

  5. Keep filling until you have used 800ml of oil.  

  6. Turn off engine. 

  7. Reinstall return line.

  8. Use the remaining 200ml of Rotrex oil to top off reservoir per your original installation guide.  

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