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TDR Silicone Tape

TDR Silicone Tape Unrolled
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Price: From $7.00 to $18.00
Manufacturer: Track Dog Racing

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Silicone Tape

This is a great product for automotive applications. The silicone wrap is self-adhering to itself and the part that you are wrapping yet does not leave an adhesive film when removed.

We use the silicone wrap in place of hose clamps, see Application Pictures to bond silicone or rubber hoses together. The silicone wrap fuses to itself in 24 hours creating an air and water tight bond that is rated at -85F to +500F. Excellent for wiring harnesses in place of low temperature electrical tape that gets gooey in extreme heat and cracks and peels in cold weather. Other uses include emergency hose repair, tool grips, common wear areas and a ton of non-automotive applications.

Available in 10 foot and 36 foot rolls.

Silicone Tape

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