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Supertech Pistons for 1990-2005 Miata

MSRP: $713.00
Price: $570.00
You Save: $143.00 (20 %)
Manufacturer: SuperTech

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Add complete ring set for selected Piston size (+ $121.00)

Supertech are the pistons we like to use in all our builds.  They provide multiple compression ratios and over bore sizes to meet just about every goal.  High quality parts at a competitive price. Piston rings are not included. 


Supertech pistons are manufactured in Argentina with technology transferred from European manufacturers. All of their pistons are manufactured to ensure the highest durability while recognizing the utmost performance improvements.

Supertech pistons are manufactured from extruded high silicon, enhanced 4032 alloy (with additional Cu, Ni & Mg) that has low thermal expansion and features excellent wear resistance. Additionally, the inclusion of enhanced 4032 alloy offers a much higher thermal conductivity. Using this alloy Supertech pistons have withstood up to 42psi of turbo boost with alcohol, without any problems. 

Depending on the type of piston they have either a 2 or 3 step forging process that yields a fine structural grain orienting the fibers in the same direction of the stress. Combine this with several heat treatments and Supertech pistons feature an evenly distributed hardness and extremely high tensile strength. From there each Supertech piston goes through several machining steps specifically designed to ensure dimensional precision, perpendicularity and flatness of the ring grooves. 

All of their pistons feature reduction grooves, honed and reamed pin bores for the most precise fit, while the wrist pins are constructed of cold extruded chrome moly steel for high strength to be used with wire clip locks.

Surface Finish:
Supertech takes great pride in their pistons surface finish. This finish is a "phosphate dry lubricant" coating that is applied to protect the rings against "micro welding" and enhance lubrication on the skirt/cylinder area.  They have quality control in place at every step of the manufacturing process in a climate controlled environment to ensure reliability of dimensions.

Engine components can take time for delivery depending on availability.  We do our best to deliver parts as quickly as possible.  Please plan your build and anticipate delays.

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