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Miatas at the Fair 
October 9th, 2016

We had a wonderful time at the State Fair of Texas with our hosts, the Lone Star Miata Club.

Every year, the State Fair of Texas invites automobile clubs to display their vehicles for a day in one of two "classic car corrals" throughout the three week event.  We get premium parking inside the fair and free access to the fair itself.  There is plenty to do, including checking out the new cars, playing games on the midway, riding carnival rides and of course sampling the fair food!  Fletcher's Corn Dogs are a traditional favorite. Of course, we can't forget the mascot, Big Tex.  
Miatas at the Fair 16
Track Dog Representing!

Miatas at the Fair 01aIt was a nice park like setting to display the Miatas.

Miatas at the Fair 09
Our hosts from Lone Star were gracious and 
well equiped with food and shelter. 

Miatas at the Fair 04
It was a beautiful day with great company.

Miatas at the Fair 03
William from Track Dog and his daughter
and daugter's friend.

Miatas at the Fair 07
There were 39 Miatas in attendance.

Miatas at the Fair 08
All generations of Miata were represented.

Miatas at the Fair 18
William and Mo showed up two Miatas each! 

Miatas at the Fair 06
The cars were well protected from the general 
public while still able to be seen. 

Miatas at the Fair 01bThe 25th Anniversary Edition was well represented.

Miatas at the Fair 05
We even had a great looking 96 M-Editon. 

Miatas at the Fair 14The kids had a great time.

Miatas at the Fair 15
...and so did the big kids.

Miatas at the Fair 21
Even the cars had some fun.  
Marshmallow was sippin' on some margaritas. 

Miatas at the Fair 02We have room for more next year so join us! 

Some of the sites at the Texas State Fair
MidwayThe Midway at the State Fair of Texas
Big Tex
Big Tex
Texas Star
The Texas Star Ferris Wheel

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