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TDR Swap Meet

Come over to Track Dog Racing. We are opening our shop up to clear out old stock, new and used parts and the parking lot will be open for enthusiasts to clear out their parts stash. Even if you have no parts and aren’t looking for anything, come hang out. We will be showing off our Rotrex supercharger and just hanging out and having fun.  
Swap Meet 2016-1
Swap Meet 2016-7

If you have a clean Miata with lots of modifications, (especially TDR ones!) let us know and we will try and reserve a space up front for you to show it off.
(You need to arrive early and park for the entire event.) 

Even if your car is completely stock or a project and needs some love, come out.  

All Miata owners are welcome. 

Swap Meet 2016-4

Please RSVP to sales@trackdogracing if you need space to set up a booth. Space is limited so please RSVP if you want a place. Sellers should arrive at 9am to set up. Event opens at 10am. No early birds please.
No racing, burnouts, drifting, be respectful. 

Swap Meet 2016-5

Swap Meet 2016-6

Swap Meet 2016-2

Swap Meet 2016-3

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