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TDR RADICAL Air Splitter for 90-97 Miata with Racing Beat Type II Bumper

Price: $189.00
Item Number: TDR-90RB125
Manufacturer: Track Dog Racing


Add Splitter Trim (+ $14.00)
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RADICAL Air Splitter
1990-1997 Miata with Racing Beat Type II bumper*

The Radical is the Track Dog Racing track model for maximum downforce for the '90-97 model Miata using the Racing Beat Type II fiberglass bumper.  The air splitter extends 2.5' from the front and includes Adjustable turnbuckles for added strength and adjustability.  Includes all mounting hardware; requires Racing Beat Type II bumper.  
TDR-90RB125-1*NOTE: This is for the black air splitter only.  
Racing Beat Type II bumper is available seperately

  • Provides mazimum downforce.
  • Adds an egressive look to the Racing Beat Type II bumper.
  • Made of high impact ABS for strength and durability.
  • Comes with metal hardware and adjustable turnbuckles for added strength and adjustability.
Click here for installation instructions.

NOTE: Splitter trim can be added at purchase. It is a flexible black trim that attaches to the front edge of all our splitters.  It has a built-in adhesive to assure a long lasting and secure fit.  
  • Gives a finished look to any TDR splitter
  • Includes 7 feet of trim, long enough for a seamless install on any TDR splitter.  
  • Provide a soft protective edge
Air Splitter Trim

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TDR EXTREME Air Splitter for 90-97 Miata with Racing Beat Type II Bumper
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TDR Air Splitter Trim
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TDR Air Splitter Trim
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Track Dog Racing offers the same turn-buckles we use in our Radical Air Splitters. We ofter this in 8" or 9" length. They are mostly aluminum constuction for strength and lightness. One side is reverse threaded making it easy to adjust the length.

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