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TDR 90-05 Battery Disconnect Kit

MSRP: $129.00
Price: $99.00
You Save: $30.00 (23 %)
Item Number: TDR-BDK-NANB
Manufacturer: Track Dog Racing
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90-05 Miata

Your Miata after 1-3 weeks may not start due to battery voltage drain.  One of the best ways to guarantee your car is going to start is to disconnect the battery.  Modern cars ECU computer and other components require some minute amount of voltage and will drain the battery in short time.  A good condition disconnected battery can last 6-8 weeks.  When you reconnect the battery, you have a better chance of starting the engine.  The cutoff switch key is removable and can also provide added security.  There is also a provision for tying the key to the mount, so you don’t lose it.  Two keys are included.

The TDR battery disconnect kit comes complete with:

  • Battery switch
  • Mounting bracket,
  • Two ground cables and
  • Mounting hardware. 
  • Complete instructions

Installation is simple and only takes a few common shop tools.  Both the 90-97 model and the 99-05 model installations are similar, only the mounting position of the switch differs.

Click Here for Install Instructions



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