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If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and would like to improve your driving skill in a safe controlled environment, Check out these companies. Please note, these events fill up fast.  Often a couple of months in advance, especially for the beginner groups.

Apex Driving Academy

Apex Driving Academy teaches high performance driving skills in a safe and controlled environment, and provides sports car drivers with safe, affordable access to the premier motorsports facility in Texas. 
It is located at MotorSport Ranch in Cresson, Texas. Instruction focuses on increasing driving ability while maximizing safety. Skills that drivers learn and practice on the track contribute directly to improving their everyday driving.

Apex Driving Academy's programs are comprehensive, with features including classroom instruction, targeted driving drills, braking and slalom exercises, paced 'lead/follow' orientation sessions, and in-car instruction by our expert instruction team.

The Drivers Edge

The Drivers Edge has been proving its great value and outstanding reputation in the high-performance driving industry throughout Texas since 1995. They are the only organization in the SW region that gives you 11 different track configurations utilizing 6 different race track facilities to challenge the demands of all drivers, skill levels, and types of cars…Their motto: ”We don’t care what you drive; we care how well you drive it.”

The Drivers Edge events are a full weekend, two full days of track experience. The camaraderie and family-friendly atmosphere at their events tends to promote networking and new friendship building opportunities in a relaxed, fun, yet challenging environment.

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