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Walbro Fuel Pump for 90-05 Miata

Price: $130.00
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Manufacturer: Walbro

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Flow Rate:
Walbro Logo Fuel Pump
(190 or 255 LPH at 130 PSI)

1990-2005 Miata

When you add a supercharger, you need more fuel at a higher pressure. Odds are that your stock pump will not meet this demand. There are plenty of generic pumps out there, but only the Walbro Hi-Output Fuel Pump has been specified to deliver the correct amount of fuel. If you are installing a supercharger, we highly suggest replacing your stock fuel pump at the same time.

For street use, stock or low boost applications select the 190 LPH (Liters Per Hour) pump as it is quieter.  

Select the 255 LPH for track use or for high boost applications.  
Walbro Fuel Pump

NOTE: The 255 LPH fuel pump is noticeably louder than the 190 LPH fuel pump. 

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