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WIX Fuel Filter for 90-05 Miata

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Manufacturer: WIX

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WIX Fuel Filter

1990-2005 MX5 Miata

For more than 50 years the WIX name has become well-known among the generations of motorsports champions who have driven to the winner’s circle with WIX Filters. They are the No. 1 filter in motorsports.

Fuel filters are too often overlooked.  Mazda recommends replacing your Miata fuel filter no later than every 5 years or 60k miles.  If you get bad gas or have some of the symptopms listed below replace it.

One typical example of a restricted fuel filter is a Miata that cuts out or loses power driving up an incline, such as a bridge. Under load, fuel demand increases and a clogged fuel filter reduces the needed flow. As the fuel filter gets dirty, the fuel pump works much harder. This is why a restricted filter will damage the fuel pump.

Wix Fuel Filter - NB

A misfire at idle or a Miata that is hard to start is NOT normally a symptom of a bad fuel filter. Fuel requirements at an idle or startup are low. Even a badly restricted filter can supply adequate fuel under low load conditions. As the need for fuel flow increases, the restricted filter will reveal itself. This is why we notice bad fuel filters on acceleration and when climbing an incline.

We are very satisfied with WIX filters and use them on all our Miatas and non-Miata vehicles. Fuel filters are essential in helping to protect fuel system components from contaminants that may be in the fuel. These contaminants can plug your Miata's fuel injectors, causing engine malfunction and deterioration. Dirt, rust, scale and water are the major impurities present in fuel. These impurities can originate from dirty and rusty service station storage tanks and, as your Miata ages, from corrosion within the fuel system components. 

Wix Fuel Filter - NA

All of the fuel that enters your Miata's engine must first pass through the fuel filter. Which means the high efficiency provided by WIX fuel filters is vital for long and trouble-free fuel system and engine life. 

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