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WIX Oil Filter for 90+ MX-5 Miata

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Manufacturer: WIX

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WIX Oil Filters 

1990+ MX-5 Miata

For more than 50 years the WIX name has become well-known among the generations of motorsports champions who have driven to the winner’s circle with WIX Filters. They are the No. 1 filter in motorsports.

Mazda recommends replacing your Miata engine oil and oil filter as often as every 3 months or 3,000 miles.  No longer than every 7½ months or 7500 miles.  We use WIX oil filters on our own Miatas and all the Miatas in our service department. 

Wix Oil Filters

WIX oil filters hold more than 45 percent more dirt than the leading national brand.Oil filter effectiveness is measured three ways:

  • particle size retention (filtration efficiency) 

  • dirt-holding capacity 

  • resistance to flow

WIX has developed optimum particle size retention quality in filter media through extensive engine wear tests in the real world, at the race track and in the lab. In fact, WIX media in automotive full-flow oil filters traps and holds essentially all particles larger than 25 microns (a human hair is roughly 70 microns in diameter), while capturing a high percentage of even smaller particles.

Wix Oil Filter - Exploded View

The dirt-holding capacity of WIX filters is significantly larger than the minimum requirements Mazda recommends between oil changes, which provides you with added security that contaminants captured by the filter stay in the filter.

A low restriction to oil flow is also critical to protecting your Miata's vital engine parts. All WIX full-flow oil filters for the Miata applications use arch-pleated, prescription-blended media, which provides low initial restriction to oil flow – less than 2 psi pressure drop when filtering oil at a rate of 4 gallons per minute at normal operating temperatures.


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