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Full Service And Support For Your Mazda Miata

If you're in the Dallas, Texas area we have a full-service Miata shop.  If it's a Miata or MX-5 we can work on it.  We love these little cars and you can rest assured your "baby" is in the best of hands.  We treat every car like it's our own.  As enthusiasts we also have in depth knowledge of the Miata MX-5 that only comes from years of specialized service.  We only work on Miatas and MX-5s. 

Here is a short list of some of the services we offer for your Mazda Miata MX-5. 
  • Timing Belt and Water Pump Service
  • Brake Service and Upgrades
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Radiator Replacement
  • Coolant System Service
  • Convertible Top Installation
  • Suspension Service and Upgrades
  • Engine Diagnosis and Rebuilding
  • Transmission Repair and Replacements
  • Forced Induction
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Roll Bar Installation
  • Fuel Management Systems
  • Intake and Exhaust Systems
  • Race Seats and Safety Harness
  • Engine Tuning
  • Big Brake Kits
  • Fender Rolling
  • Head Porting
  • Built Engines and Engine Swaps
This list only touches the surface of our experience.  If you need service on your Miata or MX-5, call us.  We will be glad to help. 

I was extremely pleased with the quality of the work performed. The roll bar looks as if is were an original piece of the car. The engine just purrs. Just as important to me was the way I was treated. Often, auto repair is a domain in which women fear to tread. We are often thought of as unknowledgeable, or not worth the time to educate about our cars and the work that should be done. I was treated both with respect and with appreciation of my intelligence. On the phone before the appointment, my questions were answered without scorn. In person, comments were directed to me, and not to my husband. Thank you! This is not at all what I expected, and it is a refreshing change.

Kerry D. - Cleburne, TX

I placed a call to Track Dog in July when my 1997 Miata still would not start even after installing a new battery.  I spoke with Gary and he suggested a fix over the phone to save me from having the car towed in which was replacing the 80 amp fuse (cost of 3.45 at Autozone).  He gave me specific steps and instructions over the phone, would not accept any payment, and of course, it was exactly the problem!  He mentioned that most likely the fuse had been blown  when someone was trying to jump the car and had the battery cables reversed. I have never experienced this level of customer service with a car dealership or repair center .  I am a customer for life! Thank you again for saving me a lot of money and time and renewing my faith in ‘doing the right thing’.

Lou Anne S. Fort Worth, TX

Just wanted to say that the work you guys did on my car is fantastic!  I still can't get over the the power and responsiveness I'm now enjoying in my Miata!  Couple that with the fantastic sound coming from the Racing Beat exhaust you guys put on.  It truly feels like I'm driving a new car! Thanks again to you and the team there at Track Dog!

Greg F.  Addison, TX 

I just wanted to take time out to send an email to let you know just how happy I am with how my TDR built engine is running. Most of the time people will take time to write and complain and not take time to write and give thanks. I wanted to be sure that since you and your excellent team took time to work with me that I took the time to thank you and your team for the work performed to build my engine. Your recommendations, with listening to what I was looking for out of my car, came together perfectly in my honest opinion. I do believe that you put together the perfect match to what I was wanting for my 2004 Mazdaspeed MX5. People that have ridden with me before and after are amazed at the difference with the car. My non-Miata enthusiast friends could not believe how strong the car feels and pulls. I would also like to ensure that I mention William and Jovany as they are top notch employees and Miata specialists . It was a joy to work with them and pick their brains when I had questions. Their knowledge of the Miata and the products carried by TDR is spot on. Never once did I feel that I was bothering them when working with them at the shop or over the phone. Both of William and Jovany always had proper and correct answers to my questions. They do go above and beyond to ensure TDR clients are taking care of. That to me is the type of customer service that keeps customers coming back! Also wanted to tell you that the hood lift kit was perfect for the car. The extra room created to get to the engine from the extra lift from the kit is perfect for the Miata. Until you get rid of the hood prop and go with this lift kit you do not realize how much more room there is to work with under the hood. I do have one problem with them though, at times I am not sure what I like showing off more, the hood lift kit or the engine! I think that is a good problem to have! Again thank you for my engine and thank you for putting together your excellent team! 

Matt L.  Arlington, TX

I wanted to quickly thank you for your time, patience, and expertise.  After our visit, and following the reset schedule you provided, the car has finally passed its inspection with NO "Not Ready" codes!!  I'll be advising anyone I know with a problem Miata to see you.  Many thanks!!

Bob S.  McKinney, TX

Thank you so much for taking the time to diagnose the problem with our Miata’s Check Engine light and FIXING IT. As I mentioned to you, we had taken the car to several places and were unable to find anyone who could rectify the problem.  One “technician” even told us we would have to get a new instrument cluster if we wanted the Check Engine light to go out.  We did that . . . and the Check Engine light reappeared. But no smoke and mirrors from you.  Not only did you fix the problem that prompted the Check Engine light to turn off, but you identified and solved other issues that were getting ready to emerge.  None of the “technicians” we spoke to prior to meeting you took the time to check out the engine and determine what it needed to be reliable. Needless to say, Beverly and I are thrilled with the service we received from Track Dog Racing and will recommend you to everyone we know who has a Miata.  My only regret is that it took us so long to find you.  But it was certainly worth the wait. Thanks again for getting our Miata back to “zoom zoom” mode.

Russ and Beverly M.  Dallas, TX


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