Step 12 - Installing The Lower Radiator Panels

You are almost done!  We've designed two lower radiator panels to help the airflow through the engine bay. The Lower-1 panel will attach to the lower part of the A/C condenser to seal off the bottom. Lower-2 panel attaches to the front bumper and the belly pan so the air flow under the car stays intact. Lower-1 panel will need some minor trimming to fit properly since every car is set up differently. The 2001+ models requires slightly different modifications and is shown in other photo views.

Hardware Package A-2 and G

12.1 Lower-1 Panel Install - The Lower-1 panel is used to reduce airflow going under the A/C evaporator coil and the radiator. It mounts to the lower part of the front opening of the car and attaches to the evaporator coil line using Zip-Ties.

  • The panel does not come pre-trimmed as we have seen some variances in models. But it is not hard to do. You will need a pair of Tin-Snips to make the cuts.  If you don't have a white ink pen, apply masking tape to the top surface to be cut and outline it as required.
  • The rear of this panel is secured to the A/C condenser's pipes by using Zip-Ties around the A/C pipe on the bottom of the A/C condenser, as seen in Photo 12-C for 1999-2000 models and Photo 12-F for 2001+ models. This will hold the panel into position.

Models 1999-2000
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Photo 12-A: Mark Lower-1 panel for trimming Photo 12-B: Cutouts for A/C plumbing Photo 12-C: Loop Zip-Ties around A/C pipe

Models 2001+

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Photo 12-D: Lower-1 left precut Photo 12-E: Lower-1 right precut Photo 12-F:Lower-1 Zip-Tied to A/C lines


12.2 Installing the Lower-2 Panel  - This panel mounts underneath the car and replaces the OEM cowling. The panel uses the five OEM mounting locations and hardware that was on the original factory air dam (See Step 1 for view of the factory air dam Photo 1-C.) The belly pan will mount to the rear of this panel using the three supplied Speed-Nut clips provided with the kit for the 1999-2000 models and using the factory 10 mm screws on the 2001+ models.

  • Before mounting the Lower-2 panel to the front bumper, install the hardware that was used on the factory air dam into the front bumper's five holes as shown in Photo 12-D.  Mount so that the threaded side is on the top or inside.
  • Install the three supplied Speed-Nut clips in Package A where the notches are present as shown in Photo 12-H on the 1999-2000 models. Install with the threaded side on the inside and the texture side on the panel down.
  • On the 2001+ models, modify the two outer screw holes by slotting the holes as shown in Photo 12-N. This will allow for a better angle to the mounting hole.
  • Install the Lower-2 panel to the front bumper using the factory bolts.

12.3 Reinstalling The Wheel Well Liners - Install the left and right inner wheel well liners. See Section One for view of the wheel well liners in Photo 1-A.

12.4 Installing The Factory Belly Pan - The factory belly pan needs to be trimmed before reinstallation.

  • Using a box knife, cut away some of the plastic on both sides of the belly pan, as shown in Photo 12-K.  You can make a slit, but reinstalling is easier if you notch out about a 1/4" width or slot out.
  • Reinstall the belly pan using factory hardware as shown in Photo 12-H. The three front screws mount into the new Lower-2 panel using the supplied bolts that attach to the Speed-Nuts on the 1999-2000 models. On the 2001+ models, use the factory 10 mm screws that were used on the underbody air dam to attach the belly pan to the new Lower-2 panel as shown in Photo 12-O.

NOTE: It may be necessary to leave off the side hardware if you belly pan is to tight. Another option is to remove the side panels as this will aid in cooling and simplify installation and removal.

Models 1999-2000

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Photo 12-G: Front bumper hardware For Lower-2 panel Photo 12-H: Speed-nuts installed on notched-out section Photo 12-J: Lower-2 panel installed on front bumper
Photo 12-K: Cut-out on belly panel mounted Photo 12-L: Belly pan installed Photo 12-M: Belly pan installed

Models 2001+

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Photo 12-N: Lower-1 slotting the holes Photo 12-O: Using the two factory treaded 10 mm screws  

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