Step 9 - Installing The Radiator

The radiator is now positioned lower and angled back a little toward the engine.  Depending on the type of radiator you are using, the plastic support arms for the fans might need to be trimmed to clear the sway bar. The stock radiator does not require additional trimming. Some aftermarket radiators such as the FM, PWR and Koyo will require trimming.  If you are using a Koyo radiator with the Racing Beat Sway Bar Brace you will have to discontinue using the brace member or modify it for clearance. To modify, you can cut out the side of the RB brace member where the fan support was touching and then use plumbers epoxy putty to fill out the cut. You can, however, still use the hardware block support in the frame bracket which will add some additional sway bar support.

Photos 9-B through 9-E show how much was trimmed away from one of our test vehicles with a Koyo radiator. The fan motor braces use a very strong plastic allowing considerable amount of plastic removal. Just don't overdo it!

Hardware Package F

Note: This is an important step to installing the radiator properly. When installed correctly, the black textured aluminum radiator cover should match close to the rubber supports on the top of the radiator without having to move the radiator very much. If not, readjust.

  • Insert the A/C condenser into the front holes of the lower radiator bracket, then slide the radiator into place, making sure it seats into the lower brackets firmly. Make sure the rubber grommets that were on the bottom of the radiator are in place. If the fan supports will not reach the bottom, mark your braces and trim as needed. Use a Dremel or jig saw to cut away the plastic.
  • Attach the silicone rubber hoses to the Intercooler and insert the two Intercooler pipes. Place them into the connectors with the ends turned in towards each other out of the way. Check how the radiator fits and if the radiator fan braces are binding on the sway bar. Mark the areas that needs trimming. Keep test-fitting the radiator until it slides in without rubbing the sway bar.
  • Remove the Intercooler pipes and install the black textured aluminum radiator cover for the final test fitting, as shown in Photo 9-E. Install over the rubber supports on top of the radiator and the threaded studs on the frame that will hold the shield in place. Trim the fan support braces if necessary and refit.
  • Once the clearances are sufficient, attach the lower radiator hose to the bottom outlet of the radiator. Reattach the 10 mm bolt to the bracket that secures the A/C plumbing on the bottom of the fan housing.
  • The upper radiator hose requires removal of about 1 3/4" at the radiator end. Lay the hose on top of the radiator fittings and cut as required, as seen in Photo 9-F. Attach the radiator hose using original factory clamps or the new clamps supplied in Package F. Attach the overflow tube.
  • Make sure the radiator drain is back in place and all hoses are connected. Refill the radiator with fresh fluid or reuse your drained fluid. Check and make sure there are no leaks in the radiator cooling system.

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Photo 9-A: Radiator shroud before modification Photo 9-B: Radiator shroud cut to fit sway bar Photo 9-C: Radiator shroud cut
Photo 9-D: Radiator shroud cut Photo 9-E: Check for proper fit with radiator cover in position Photo 9-F: Radiator hoses cut to length

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