Step 3 - Modifying The Radiator Cross Member

The front cross member has to be trimmed to allow access to the intercooler. The illustration in Photo 3-B below shows the area that needs to be cut.  The best tool to use is an air-operated reciprocating saw as shown in Photo 3-D,  but an electric jig saw will work as well. This cut will be covered up by the aluminum radiator shield that will be installed later. 

  • Mark the area with a permanent ink pen and double-check all dimensions before cutting. The cut is going to be at the cusp of the bend of sheet metal shown in Photo 3-E.
  • Using a pilot bit first and then a 3/8" drill bit, drill two holes on each corner where you will have a radius as shown in Photo 3-C. This will help with access for the saw in the turns and improve the appearance of the cut.
  • Using the jig saw or air-operated saw with a metal cutting blade, cut across the front cross member.
  • It is important that you take a flat file or your Dremel Tool and round off the edges and corners so you don't cut your hands or arms when working in this area. Make sure you clean these areas of metal chips since you would not want them to fall into your Intercooler during installation.

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Photo 3-A: Drawing the cut-out Photo 3-B: Dimensions for the cut
Photo 3-C Pilot hole in corners  Photo 3-D Cutting opening out Photo 3-E: Final cut-out

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