Step 4 - Modifying The Evaporator Canister

The 1999-2000 models use a different A/C evaporator coil from the 2001+ models. Refer to section 4.2 for modification on the 2001+ models.

4.1 Modify the 1999-2000 Model A/C Evaporator Coil

The evaporator canister on the front passenger side of A/C condenser coil has to be bent out of the way as shown in Photos 4-B and Photo 4-C to make room for the intercooler. Take caution when bending this evaporator canister and bracket. 

  • Bend the tab on the passenger side close to flat as shown in Photo 4-A as compared to Photo 4-B.  This tab bends pretty easily.  Use the handle of a hammer and push it over. Note: the A/C unit was removed for photo purposes.
  • Use a large Crescent wrench and clamp onto the aluminum bracket as shown in Photos 4-D or 4-E.
  • Stick a screwdriver through the hole at the end of the wrench for leverage and rotate clockwise. The bracket will bend around.
  • Rotate from the top and bottom as you bend in small increments until the canister has rotated approximately 90 degrees.
  • Don't overdo it. Bend in small increments, making sure you don't damage anything. You might have to go back and add a little more bend after the intercooler is in place to get good clearance, as shown in Photo 4-F. You do not want to A/C unit and the Intercooler to rub.
  • Next, bend the lower tube on the condenser coil as shown in Photo 4-E. When you install the Lower-1 panel it will attach to this tube with Zip-Ties.
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Photo 4-A: Bent tab Photo 4-B: Canister In original position Photo 4-C: Canister in bent position
Photo 4-D: Bending canister using crescent wrench on top Photo 4-E: Bending canister using crescent wrench on bottom. Lower A/C tube bent down. Photo 4-F: Canister clearance with intercooler installed

4.2 Modify the Upper Brackets For The 2001+ Model A/C Evaporator Coil

The upper bracket modification requires modifying the two side brackets to support the rubber stops. The A/C evaporator coil will be moved over about 1/2" to the left to add additional clearance required around the supercharger/intercooler inlet pipe.

Hardware Package B-2

  • Cut off about a 1/4" of the drivers side bracket as shown in Photo 4-G.
  • Using Channel Locks or some other tool as shown in Photo 4-J, bend the passenger side bracket back towards the engine about a 1/4" or as required after you install the rubber support.
  • Use the Phillips head screws and washers supplied in Package B-2 to attach the 1" thick rubber support as shown in Photos 4-K and 4-L.
  • After the lower modification check for clearances between the A/C evaporator coil and the radiator and adjust as required as shown in Photos 4-K and 4-M.
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Photo 4-G: Cut 1/4" off the drivers side A/C support bracket Photo 4-H: Use a saw blade to cut the aluminum bracket Photo 4-J: Bend the passenger side bracket towards the back
Photo 4-K: Install rubber support and check clearance between A/C coil and the radiator Photo 4-L: Install rubber support and check clearance between A/C coil and the radiator Photo 4-M:Check clearance and bend as required the A/C line under the radiator

4.3 Modify the Lower Brackets For The 2001-2003 Model A/C Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil for the 2001+ models must move over about 1/2" toward the drivers side to add additional clearance for the upper hose filler tube. The lower bracket supports can be removed and reinstalled after drilling new holes into the u-channel. Photos are taken looking from the back side.

  • Using a 10 mm wrench remove the lower bracket on one side only as shown on the drivers side in Photo 4-N and 4-O. Leave the other bracket on to help support the A/C evaporator coil while you modify.
  • Measure and mark a 1/2" to the RIGHT two new holes. Either use a 1/8" drill bit to pilot the holes or use a snap-punch to scribe a starter position.
  • Use a 1/4" drill bit and drill carefully into the u-channel as shown in Photo 4-P.
  • Reinstall the lower bracket and adjust the lower hose as required to fit the new position.
  • Modify the other bracket using the same methods described above.
  • Bend the A/C tube by pressing the tube against the intercooler as shown in Photo 4-Q. This Step is done after you install the Intercooler in Step 7.
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Photo 4-N: Remove the two bolts hold the left and right bracket Photo 4-O: Pull the bracket off the A/C evaporator coil Photo 4-P: Drill two 1/4" holes 1/2" toward the drivers side
Photo 4-Q: Bend the A/C tube by pressing against the intercooler    

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