Step 2 - Installing The Radiator Brackets

There are two radiator brackets that hold the radiator and A/C condenser into place. These will be replaced with the two modified factory radiator mounts supplied in this kit.

The OEM passenger side bracket is shown in Photo 2-A. Photo 2-B shows how the new bracket is installed in the new lower position. This has to be done on both sides. Photo 2-C shows the relocated driver's side radiator bracket in its proper position.

Hardware Package A-2 and Radiator Brackets

  • Remove the two 10mm bolts that hold the radiator brackets into place. Be sure the A/C condenser is supported when you remove the brackets.
  • Remove the two 10mm bolts that hold the sway bar mount on each side.
  • Install the modified brackets using the supplied 10 x 25mm long bolts and washers from Package A-2 in the mounting holes that the sway bar brackets used, as seen in Photos 2-B and 2-C. When tightening the bolts make sure the new modified radiator brackets are to the rear- most position. Adjustment may be required after you install the radiator.
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Photo 2-A: Stock mounting of the passenger side bracket Photo 2-B: New passenger side bracket installed in lower position Photo 2-C: Driver's side modified bracket installed

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