Step 7 - Installing The Intercooler

Before installing the Intercooler, run clean water through it to make sure there are no foreign objects in it. Shake out any water that may be left. The Intercooler does not have to be completely dry, but remove any excess water. Tape off using masking tape or some other tape that will be easy to remove and not leave glue behind.

The TDR Intercooler is supported by two brackets using the mounting locations where the factory power steering cooler pipes used to attach to the car. Some photos below are shown with the A/C evaporator coil removed for photo purposes only.

The 2001-2003 model with air conditioning requires that you offset the intercooler about 1/8" toward the passenger side. This will add additional clearance from the A/C evaporator filler tube as shown in Photo 7-E.

Hardware Package C and D-2

  • There are two aluminum L-brackets using two 13 x 30 mm long bolts, washers, lock washers and nuts in Package D-2.  Attach the L-brackets onto the top of the Intercooler and hand tighten.
  • Pull the A/C condenser coil back toward the engine. A bungee cord may help with this step.
  • From the top, insert the Intercooler between the A/C evaporator coil and the sub frame. Be careful not to scratch the finish.
  • Using the two 10 x 25 mm long bolts and washers from Package C, mount the intercooler into position with the plastic panel between the intercooler brackets and the sub frame, as shown in Photo 7-B. Hand-tighten the bolts.  Make sure the L-brackets are straight on the Intercooler and then firmly tighten the 13 mm bolts first, followed by the 10 mm bolts in the sub frame.
  • If you need more clearance from the condenser canister, refer back to STEP 4 on how to proceed in bending the A/C dryer unit.
  • Note: The factory horn can be relocated to the passenger side intercooler bracket bolt as seen in Photo 7-C. Install this last. If you use aftermarket horns you'll need to decide where they will work best for you.  A common mounting area is the front fender well area behind the bumper.

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Photo 7-A: Intercooler mounting location Photo 7-B: Intercooler mounting bracket Photo 7-C: Factory horn mounting location
Photo 7-D: 2001+ models A/C to intercooler clearance modification  

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