Step 5 - Installing Intercooler Mounting Support Panels

The stainless steel support panels mount to the sub frame for added strength. Clearance between the A/C evaporator coil and the sub frame is minimal and may not allow a standard electric drill.  Air drills are normally shorter and will aid your drilling.  Be careful to not overstress the A/C evaporator coil when bending it back.

Hardware Package C

  • The larger bolt hole is offset a little and mounts toward the top. The top and bottom surfaces should be flush with the sub frame. See Photos 5-A and 5-C for placement of the mounting plate.
  • Attach both mounting plates using the supplied 10 x 25mm long bolts and washers from Package C.
  • Using a 1/8" drill bit, drill one pilot hole and then rivet that hole to help keep the plate in alignment. Use the stainless steel rivets supplied. The stainless steel rivets are considerable harder to press, but add additional strength over aluminum rivets.
  • Drill remaining holes and attach rivets to both plates.  Remove the 10 x 25 mm bolt.
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Photo 5-A: Drill 1/8" holes using pilot holes in plate Photo 5-B: Rivet mounting panel Photo 5-C: Mounting panel with rivets attached


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