Step 8 - Installing Power Steering Cooler

If your car has power steering you'll have to modify the factory cooling tube. There are two options for modifying the power steering cooling tube. The first option requires draining the fluid, cutting the cooling tube and installing flexible hose to the reservoir. This method is a little messier, but straight forward. The second option requires more patients by bending the tubes to a new location and requires you to test fit the Intercooler several times to check for clearances. A pipe bender is supplied with the kit to ease installation. If your car does not have power steering, move on to STEP 9.

For BRP Turbo application go to Section 8.3. In the BRP turbo application the power steering reservoir will be moved and requires the power steering tubing to be modified in Section 8.1.

Hardware Package E

8.1 Power Steering Cooler Tube Modification-Option 1

  • Drain the fluid from the PS reservoir using a Mighty Vac or similar siphon pump as shown in Photo 8-A.
  • Leave the short section of rubber hose that is connected to the reservoir and the cooling pipe as seen in Photo 8-C, it will be used on the reinstallation. Remove one hose from the drained canister and suck up any excess fluid in the lines. It's best if you tap these lines off so they don't continue to leak fluid.
  • Remove the two mounting brackets as seen in Photos 8-B.  Use a flat head screwdriver to bend open the passenger side clamp and remove. The clamp and rubber insert will not be reused. Use a pair of pliers to bend back the tabs off the double tube bracket. Save the rubber insert as it will be installed as a bumper after the tubes are cut, as seen in Photo 8-F.
  • Draw two cut lines, offset about an inch as seen in Photo 8-C.  Also view Photo 8-G to get a good view to where to cut the pipe. Use a plumber's tube cutter to cut the two tube ends off and discard. Be sure there are no burrs on the tube. If you suspect metal shavings or other foreign materials have entered the tube, be sure to clean it out before installing.
  • The double tube rubber insert that was removed from the stock mounting bracket should now be mounted, as shown in Photo 8-F.  Use a Zip-Tie to hold it in place.  The rubber stop helps cushion the P/S cooler from making contact. 
  • Attach the cloth covered rubber hose over the P/S tube about 1.5 inches and secure it with the supplied clamps. Applying a little bit of P/S oil to the hose or tube will help in the install.  Leave the rubber hose as a loop, one piece. It will be cut to length after the P/S cooler is installed.
  • Mount the two new P/S cooler mounting brackets on to the cooling tube as shown in Photos 8-E and 8-F.
  • Install the modified power steering cooling tube. Depending on your year model it might be better to install the cooling tube on the bottom for more clearance with the A/C condensor as shown in Photos 8-G and 8-H. Use the 10 x 12.5 mm long bolts and washers from Package E. Do not over tighten as the tapped threads in the intercooler will strip out easily. Add a little Lock-Tit would be helpful.
  • There are two 3/8" hose couplings in Package E that will attach the new hose to the existing P/S hoses. Insert one into the return line and one into the factory short hose that is attached to the P/S reservoir with and secure with the supplied clamps as shown in Photo 8-D. Use some P/S oil if necessary on the coupling to help insert it into the hose.
  • Run the P/S hoses down next to the radiator support bracket as shown in Photo 8-D.  The new plastic side panel is removed only to show the placement of the P/S hoses in relation to the radiator bracket. Measure the hoses to the proper length and using the supplied clamps, attach them to the hose couplings. Again, a little bit of P/S oil will help in attaching the hoses to the couplings.
  • Fill the P/S fluid reservoir with power steering fluid and you're done with this step. You may notice a little bit of jerking in the steering until all the air has escaped from the system. Be sure to check the fluid again after the P/S pump has had a chance to recirculate.
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Photo 8-A: Remove P/S fluid Photo 8-B: Remove tube bracket Photo 8-C: Plumber's tube cutter
Photo 8-D: Hose connection at the P/S reservoir Photo 8-E: Hoses attached to the power steering cooling tube Photo 8-F: Power steering tube attached to the back isde of the I/C
Photo 8-G: Rear attachment on '01-05 model Photo 8-H: Optional attachment on '99-00 model  

8.2 Power Steering Cooler Tube Modification-Option 2

The power steering tube can also be bend to clear the intercooler. I do not prefer this method as the tube is very hard to bend. You will be require to remove and reinstall the Intercooler several times during the fitment. Remove using the 10 mm bolts in the frame mount. The tubes do not bend easily with your hands so use the pipe bender supplied when necessary. Clearances should be about a 1/4" from the Intercooler tank.

  • Reinstall the P/S tube bracket to the radiator support bracket as shown in Photo 8-I (Note, photo shows bracket was removed from the tubes during prototyping)
  • If the Intercooler is not installed do so now so you can verify what area of the P/S tube needs to be bent as shown in Photo 8-J.
  • Remove the Intercooler and proceed to the bending process.
  • The P/S tube needs to be bent out more straight in the plastic sleeved area as shown in Photo 8-K. Using the supplied pipe bender bend both tubes more straight as shown in Photo 8-M.
  • Test the clearances around the Intercooler as shown in Photo 8-L. Use a marker to help designate your next bend.
  • After you get the bend where it will clear the Intercooler side by about a 1/4" proceed to bend the P/S tubing upwards as shown in Photo 8-N. Some hand bending works as well.
  • Continue to test fit with the Intercooler mounted.
  • The P/S tube is supported by removing the 10mm bolt from the hood latch mechanism as shown in Photo 8-O and using the supplied tubing clamp. Bend as necessary to mount in this position.
  • After the P/S tube and Intercooler are complete, install the plastic side panel as shown in Photo 8-P. Refer to STEP 6 for installation instructions.
Photo 8-I: Reinstall P/S tube bracket to the modified radiator bracket Photo 8-J: Bend P/S to meet this position above the I/C bracket Photo 8-K: Using the bending tool begin straighten tubing more
Photo 8-L: Install the I/C and mark for more bending of the P/S tube Photo 8-M: Bend P/S tubing back towards frame gusset Photo 8-N: Continue bending as required
Photo 8-O: Install P/S bracket to the hood latch mechanism Photo 8-P: Install side panel  

8.3 BRP Turbo Power Steering Reservoir Modification

To make room for the turbo outlet pipe the power steering reservoir require moving to a further back location. This requires that the large return line be shortened.

  • Make sure the reservoir is drained per instructions in Section 8.1 above.
  • Remove the 10 mm bolts holding the P/S reservoir to aid in pulling the large return line.
  • Remove the spring clamp from the large return line as shown in Photo 8-I.
  • Remove the large return line and cut off about a 1 1/2" as shown in Photo 8-C.
  • Reinstall the return line to the reservoir and attach the spring clip.
  • Insert the 3/8" barb fitting supplied into the small return line and attach the spring clip as shown in Photo 8-T.
  • Cut the necessary length required on the oil cooler hose and attach it to the small return line. Use the supplied hose clamps for the new hose connection.
  • Insert the 3/8" barb fitting supplied into the short hose on the reservoir and attach the spring clip as shown in Photo 8-U.
  • Cut the other oil cooler line to the length required to attach to the factory short hose as shown in Photo 8-S. Use the supplied hose clamps for the new hose connection.
  • Move the P/S reservoir back toward the shock tower support. There is a tapped hole you will use to hold the reservoir using one of the 10 mm screws you removed. The bracket close to the shock tower support does not require another bolt for support. Attach the bolt and secure the reservoir.
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Photo 8-Q: Remove spring clip from rear hose Photo 8-R: Pull the large return hose off the P/S reservoir Photo 8-S: Remove about 1 1/2" off the P/S hose
Photo 8-T: Insert the 3/8" barb fitting into the return hose and clamp Photo 8-U: Insert the 3/8" barb fitting into the cooling line hose Photo 8-V: Attach cooling line to the factory short hose and clamp
Photo 8-W: Move the reservoir back toward the shock tower brace    

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